Hawaii Inventory Question

  1. I'm heading off to Hawaii next week and was wondering if they get any of the exclusive-to-Japan bags? I know prices are higher than the mainland but don't know if they (like LV) are considered part of the Asian market and get certain bags the mainland doesn't (i.e. Bleeker signature stripe bags)? Thanks!
  2. Our HI resident can tell you best but I do know that there are exclusives like the geranium satchel from not too long ago or the ergos that have pink linings. Someone posted an ergo hobo that was exclusive to HI and Vegas. I've been waiting for it for months and now know why they never hit the website! Have fun in Hawaii!
  3. Yeah, I was the one that posted about the signature ergo with pink lining... it's SO fabulous!!

    ValleyOppressed: I can go to my Ala Moana boutique either tonight or tomorrow... give me a list of the items you're looking for and I can find out for you!
  4. ^^That'd be great Maya! Thanks so much!

    In particular I'm looking for these two bags (or maybe anything from this line):

  5. Sorry, they said they don't carry the Japan-exclusive bags. :sad:
  6. ^^Aww that's too bad- it's really the only line from Coach that's catching my eye at the moment. Thanks!
  7. wait, those bags are sold in NY too
  8. If you go to the DFS galleria in Waikiki, they have the Japan exclusive bags.
  9. ^ Ooooooooooh!! I'll have to go to Waikiki sometime!!
  10. have fun on ur trip!! :yahoo:
  11. #70074 was at my local macy's store and i live in CA. when i saw it i was surprised because i thought they were only sold in Japan.
  12. Maya,

    When you go to Waikiki, there's parking in the DFS Galleria. They don't advertise it, but go in the bus entrance and up the ramp. Sometimes they do have a sign up that it's full, but it's worth a try - it's free!

    Otherwise, have lunch/dinner at Cheesecake Factory and park in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. They validate for 3-4 hours. Have fun!
  13. I saw some of those Japan-exclusive plasticized-vinyl-feeling bags in the Ala Moana Coach early this past week. Sorry, I don't recall what styles because I don't like that "fabric." But anyway maybe you could call them and find out directly. Perhaps Hawaii got them because we cater to so many Japanese tourists.
  14. OMG!! When I had called Ala Moana on the 27th about those bags, the SA told me they weren't getting them in because they're Japan-exclusive!! Sheesh... apparently she didn't know what she was talking about.
  15. Update: here in Hawaii now and the Whaler's Village store (Ka'anapali) had:




    In all colors. They might've had a couple more but that's all I remember at the moment. I was offered the PCE discount as soon as I walked in, but against Hawaiian prices it's really like no discount at all :p