"Hawaii" hot-stamped... where else?

  1. I was in the LV in Ala Moana today & on my way out, noticed that a couple of the open damier wallets in the display cases (ebene & azur) had pretty (flower?) pattern along with "HAWAII" hot stamped in gold onto them... on the left corner above where the "made in" heatstamp on the flap goes...

    Does anyone know how long they've been doing that... and if any other locations offer something similar? :confused1:
  2. Wow, never seen that! I'll have to swing by LV and check it out this weekend!
  3. never seen that either!
  4. I know, I was kind of surprised... I didn't know if this was a regular thing, or limited offer... or something they only do in Hawaii... sort of a "I bought my LV in Hawaii" tourist-y kind of thing?

    I'm on Oahu til Thursday night, so if I make it back to the mall tomorrow, I'll ask....

    But... has anyone else seen LV wallets stamped with their home location?

    Like maybe an Eiffel tower pattern & "PARIS" for those items sold in Paris? :nuts:

    Or... dolphins & ARUBA ...?

    One more reason to travel & collect LV from around the world! :yes:
  5. i have never seen that either! that sounds interesting.

    junkenpo - if you don't make it to LV this week, i can find out as well since i'll be on oahu from thursday afternoon :smile:
  6. Ive never seen it either! Now I have to stop by just to check it out. :graucho:
  7. ooh that sounds pretty let us knwo if you find out more info or maybe can sneek a pic
  8. While I was a the Waikoloa Kings Shops in Kona, the SA said that they do heatstamping of little orchids (or hibiscus, cant remember) on the luggage tags and other things
  9. wow, that sounds soo cute! Can anyone post a pix of it? :nuts:

  10. ooooh that sounds cute! i just might have to buy a luggage tag just for that! lol
  11. ^^LOL! I was just thinking that!
  12. Ooh, that sounds adorable!