Hawaii Here We Come!!

  1. Hi everyone;

    Unfortunately, I've been pretty scarce to the board lately as I was married in September and since then have been very busy working and trying to sell our house. It really seems like it's taking forever and a day! Due to all of the chaos, we chose to wait to take our honeymoon trip until a little later after the wedding. Well, it's been almost 2 months since the wedding and the time has finally come! At 6:30 AM on Friday morning, hubby and I will be taking off for Hawaii!! We are so excited, however not so much about the packing aspect, which I've been putting off. :shame: :s lol

    As I'm sure many of you can imagine, I'm definitely going to need a Tokidoki fix while there. So, I was wondering if any of you can tell me where the best places to go to find the tokidoki I so adore?? :love: If anyone has any other non-tokidoki related recommendations, I would love to hear them as well. I can imagine there will be so much to do, we wont even know where to start! Good thing we have a nice 12 hour plane ride to read up some more. :p Thanks!! ^_^
  2. Lesportsac ala moana, 2 lesportsacs in waikiki on kalakaua ave, lesportsac outlet waikele, and the dfs !
  3. anddd for tokidoki clothing...
    Le Lotus Bleu at Ala Moana and Ward Warehouse
    In my Closest at Kahala Mall
    Chic Icon at Koko Marina in Hawaii Kai

    tokidoki toys...
    Animation Addict at Ala Moana
    Split Obsession at Koko Marina
  4. there's also Urbanz on 12th st in Kaimuki, they're a small vinyl toy shop that i think still has jewelry & is sposed to have moofia blindboxes right now.

    toys & joys near there also had both cactus dogs the last time i was there.

    also that newer store in ward warehouse has posters, jewelry, hats & clothing. i forgot what it's called, but it's not le lotus bleu.
  5. The Place @ Ward Warehouse... kinda overpriced though :sad:
  6. There is also the LeSportsac outlet in Waikele. They have some of the older prints. Not sure what styles they have right now. I bought an Original Print Bella there at a discounted rate than at the Ala Moana store.;)
  7. Also Prototype in Pearlridge carries toki stuff like tees, blindbox moofia, hats, stickers, hoodies...oh and sometimes Demo in Pearls carries stuff too.