Hawaii girls...

  1. I live way in the country, and with work it's hard to get to town...anyone seen any new prints at Ala Moana that aren't on the website? (ie. Is it worth the hour's drive to go there?)
  2. The prints they have at Ala Moana is Tutti, some Spiaggia, Notte, Paradiso and I think Vacanze.
  3. For me, it isn't worth the drive from the leeward side...just for those prints - i dont need more of those prints...but if you want those prints, then yeahhh i guess its worth it. Maybe you could give them a call and see if they have exactly what youre looking for first.
  4. Galleria in Waikiki has Citta Rosa, Spiaggia, Paradiso, Fumo, Notte, Tutti.
  5. What about non-toki prints? Anything cute out there?
  6. Do you know if there are any Spiaggia MM's there?
  7. ^^Sorry Q, they didn't have any MM's. I saw 1 BV and a few Bellas.