Hawaii girl going to Cali... what to wear!?

  1. I'm gong to Cali next weekend (LA area) and I have no idea what to wear and what to buy to wear there. 70 is COLD for me and from what I hear it's in the 30's there. Jeans? Boots? Scarf? (I don't even own boots or a scarf...!)
  2. It has been fairly cold in the LA area so I would definitely advise bringing, jeans, boots, sweaters, a light jacket for the afternoon, and something heavier for the evening.

    Right now, the wind is blowing and it's about 65 degrees. Brrrrr...
  3. no boots or scarves for me. today, i have on a pair of 7's, a thermal, and a furry abercrombie hoodie.

    it's like 73 during the day time.. it's HOT under the son.
  4. Its not too hot and actually SNOWED earlier this week in Malbu. With the wind factor, it feels like 40 degrees and at night it is definitely near 30-40 degrees. Just bring lots of layers and a good warm coat =)
  5. Definitely go with jeans, sweaters, and at least one jacket. If you don't have boots, at least bring some shoes that don't expose your toes (tennis shoes, flats). Today was pretty nice, but it does get cold at night! If you get cold at 70 degrees, you might want to bring a hat and/or scarves. Have fun!
  6. News alert: I just saw the forecast and it's supposed to be in the high 70's next week. I'm doing the happy warm dance.