Hawaii for ONE day....

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  1. I'm traveling to Hawaii this week for work and I have one day off in between my 2 work days...what can I do from 7am-midnight in Oahu?

    Help, suggestions, anything on things to see, places to eat, places to surf, shop, etc. TIA, I am so excited!!!!
  2. Oh yeah, it's my first time!
  3. go to ala moana for your designer fix! or walk around in waikiki (lots of designer shops as well).

    ala moana has some great restaurants too! http://www.alamoana.com
  4. Definitely rent a convertible and just drive around the island. Wear your swimsuit and when you see something interesting stop and just take it in. Pali Highway is beautiful and there are some spots where you can stop and take some beautiful pictures. There is also a pretty good place to eat called Duke's. It is one of, if not the only restaurant, on Waikiki beach. You can also walk around and see some of the great shops near by. Have fun and let us know what you decide to do.
  5. awesome suggestions! I just wish my company would "okay" the convertible.
  6. gucci fan">
    i agree that pali hwy has a nice, scenic view of the mountains, ocean, chinaman's hut, especially at the pali lookout point.

    it really depends what you wanna do for the day. are you athletic? do you like watersports? if it were me, i would drive to kailua via pali hwy, spend a couple of hours at lanikai beach just sunbathing, take kamehameha hwy to north shore, watch the sunset on the west coast, and drive back to honolulu and spend the evening shopping in waikiki at the boutiques and at the market.
  7. Even if you can't get the convertible on the company dime, it's worth it to shell out the $$ yourself. Seriously! If you can, get it the day before so you can wake up as early as possilbe (before 7am) and then do a drive around the island, if you can make it up North, head to Waimea Beach...if you get there early enough, there might be parking! LOl

    And then, you'll still have enough time to get back into town and do some shopping at Ala Moana center and Waikiki.....
  8. Visit Hanama Bay!! It is sooooo beautiful!

    Do not surf up in North Shore unless you are a pro, but do check out the sea turtles there. Also, ask about the East side of the island because some locals said that Hammerhead sharks breed there during certain times of the year.

    Try some authentic Haiwaiin dishes, they are very yummy
  9. i've been to oahu only once with my dh and are going back in november! woo hoo!

    we tried to do at least one main thing each day... toured pearl harbor... went snorkeling at hanauma bay... hiked diamond head... swam with the dolphins... luau... dinner cruise...

    my faves were te dinner cruise (loved the view, the food, and the drinks!), hiking diamond head (excellent view), and touring pearl harbor (i'm a bit into history)..

    swimming with the dolphins was fun, but you can do that at sea world too so that can wait.. and the luau was nice but that's like 4 hours long... you may not have enough time to spare..