Hawaii finds! Cambon ballets and reissue card case yay!

  1. Well, nothing everyone hasn't seen before and I don't usually post my purchases but I am sooooo excited I got my cambon flats without even having to search!! I LOVE them, totally didn't thing the leather would be so soft, I'm actually not 100% sure what the leather is but it really feels like lambskin, so soft and buttery!!
  2. So pretty! I really like that card case. I wonder if my local Chanel's have it. Do you mind disclosing the cost of the items?
  3. very cute!!!
  4. The card case was $240 and the flats $495.
  5. cute ..congrat's
  6. WOW! you got the flats???
    your such a lucky girl! I hate you!!:love: LOL
  7. They are both lovely! Nice purchases.
  8. ^^ It was so strange, Hawaii boutiques seemed to have just gotten a new shipment in, they had a good amount. The thing with Hawaii though is that their shoes are all C width rather than B width. So they aren't necessarily wide width but they aren't what you usually get on the mainland. It's actually perfect for me so I always get shoes when I'm in Hawaii, they fit me best I love it!
  9. ^^
    ahh - that's an interesting tidbit to know!

    Love both the card case and the flats! Do you still collect LV cles?
  10. Oh yeah, LOL I haven't gotten one in a while though, the last was my Pomme vernis, I have like 9 or so, more than enough to go around and I haven't seen one that I love in a while. I checked out LV in Hawaii, the prices are a bit better but the only thing that really grabbed me was the speedy mirage and I just don't need or want another speedy, or monogram bag right now.....
  11. $495?!??! Are the flats on sale? I went to Nordstrom a few weeks ago and they were $570.00. Do you have the number for the store you got this at? I've been looking for a pair myself.
  12. Woah! That was my exact last purchase! Same exact shoes and card holder! You have excellent taste! ;)
  13. Well now that's interesting. The Chanel boutique in Waikiki had them marked $570 and I wanted to show them to my husband. So from there we went to the boutique in the Ala Moana Mall and they were marked $495! I said nothing and just bought them at Ala Moana.....I guess maybe they went up during the price increase and that adjustment wasn't caught at the Mall boutique I went to:shrugs:
  14. LOL, what are the odds of that!
  15. Congrats!They're so cute!:smile: