hawaii and LV???

  1. i might be going to hawaii with my boyfriends family in the begining of next year....and i was wondering if they have LV store out there....and is the sales tax alot more there and are the bags the same amount or are they going to be more??
  2. The prices in Hawaii are cheaper than the ones listed on Eluxury and the tax is cheaper than CA. Hope that helps.
  3. Yea I think sale tax there is like 4% or so?
  4. there's definitely an LV store but the price i really don't recall -_-''
  5. It's slightly chepaer in Hawaii, I believe because it's due to it being in a different region.
  6. In Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, we have 3 LV stores.
    Ala Moana shopping center
    Hilton Hawaiian Village (Waikiki)
    Waikiki Gump

    The Waikiki store (Gump) is probably the largest on Oahu and I believe they were supposedly the No. 1 store in sales volume in the nation a while back. We have a lot of tourist that buy their LVs here.

    Our current tax is 4.166% but it is said that the tax will be going up at the start of the year to 4.712%.

    Also, when I compare the boutique prices to eluxury prices I do notice that the LV boutiques here are a bit less than the eluxury prices. For some reason the LV in Hawaii is seperate from the other LVs so Eluxury does not ship to Hawaii. Thats is what the SA told me when I called Eluxury some time ago.

    I hope that helps!
  7. There's also a store in Maui at the Whaler's Village! The tax was definitely cheaper!
  8. THANKS so much!!!!!!!!
  9. what island are you going to? there's also one in waikoloa(big island) and actually 2 in Maui. you should def buy something when you come here since it's cheaper!
  10. i am not sure yet....we will probally go to a couple different islands!!! so if they decide we are going to go i will definatly post so everyone can tell me where to go!!!!!
  11. this is sooo good to know since I am going to be in Oahu in early Dec...
  12. I went to the Maui one last August. I loved browsing there.
  13. Hi:nuts:
    It's only 4% sale tax in Hawaii? OMG:wtf:, Can I go to Hawaii with you? The sale tax in Chicago is 9% and that kills me to get more than one LV bags.
  14. I'm going to Kauai in June, and was wondering if there was an LV store in the Honolulu airport... guess I could call LV... seems like I saw one the last time I was there, but had trouble browsing while trying to catch planes, but not sure... it's kinda a blur... that was prior to being a total LVaddict.
  15. ^LV at the airport?? :confused1: