Having Vernis Cles Confusion-help!

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  1. I'm considering returning my amarante vernis wallet for a mono (for fingerprint issues), but still would like to get a cles in vernis. What I see on the LV website is something called a 'change holder' and it only appears to come in 2 vernis colors-blue and amarante......yet it seems so many on the forum have it in pomme. Also, some pics of the larger vernis cles appear to have a pocket in the back for a card in addition to the zippered interior-but the pic and write-up of the vernis change purse on the LV site do not show a back pocket.

    Can someone describe or show me what is available right now in terms of vernis cles? thanks!
  2. I think LV has recently changed the name from cles to key and change holder. I am not sure why.

    yes they have a back pocket.

    i am sure they come in at least 3 colors. pomme, amarante and bleu nuit. I am not sure what other colors are still available. call 866-vuitton and they can tell you for sure what other colors there are