Having two mono speedy bags?

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  1. Hi guys!!! Just need a bit of help. I currently own a mono speedy 35. I was thinking of getting another speedy but in the bandouliere version. Size 30 this time because I am petite and the 30 looks better as a shoulder bag. I really love the monogram print best. So is this a wise choice ? Thanks!!!! :biggrin:
  2. imo, if you get the speedy B, I would sell the classic speedy unless you really think you'll use both bags? I found once I had a speedy b, I could never go back to a classic speedy. I use my speedy b bags so much more than any classic speedy styles that I have....
  3. I had a bandouliere speedy and I dislike how "deform" it is when I use the shoulder strap. I sold it eventually. If you are looking for shoulder bags, try to look into other styles?

    Otherwise, I would also have to agree on selling the current speedy to get a speedy b.
  4. Go for damier or empriente speedy b just for varity :smile:
  5. Emriente or damier will be nice. You will get tired of the style if you have too many mono speedy eventually. (That was me :smile:) I had a classic mono25 and 30 once. I ended up selling 30 and got a mon mono 30 insted. Now, I have 25 and mon mono 30, but thinking of letting go of 25 since I got an Empriente 25.
    Yeah...Its like playing musical chair game :smile:
  6. I love Mono too so I completely understand. I think it would be okay because they are different sizes and you will use them in different ways. You can always sell the 35 if you are not using it much after buying the 30 B.

  7. I agree, because I am thinking of purchasing the mono speedy 35 b, and I have the mono speedy 40.
  8. Sure is! I'm 5'2. I love both of mine and it's the exact combination you're thinking about.
  9. Thank you for the reply!! Glad to know I am not going crazy ..lol. Or am I ? ..lol Do you use one more than the other?
  10. Thank you for replying!!! Do you plan on keeping your 40 if you get the 35 bandouliere?
  11. Thank you for your thoughts!! I agree. I do loove my 35. I just feel the 30 b will come in handy when I need to be hands free . Which is not all the time :smile:
  12. Thank you for replying ! Happy to hear you love your speedy b. Which print do you have? I always loved the classic speedy but now I feel the b is equally cute ;)
  13. How about a mon mono?
  14. Not my preference as I prefer diversity, but if you love it, go for it! I wish I could decide what I love instead of just loving everything! At the end of day, you are the one carrying the bag!
  15. Hey Girl!!! Maybe get the Mon Mono Speedy B 30 as this will make it different enough, along with the strap!!! :smile: :giggles: :hugs: