Having two bijoux (new) chain flaps??

  1. I'm wondering do you all think it's unwise to have two bijoux chain flaps. I have a black caviar jumbo one and I just got another one, the gray lambskin (on it's way). I'm wondering since it's not the classic chain, will I regret it in a few years after they stop making them. Will it look dated (despite being a flap)? I have a couple of flaps with the classic chain as well, but I like to make sure my purchases will remain timeless. What do you all think?
  2. I don't think it's overload at it all and actually prefer the silver Bijoux chain to the leather-intertwined chain. It's edgier compared to the "regular" leather-intertwined chain but still very much a classic (I don't see it as trendy). The flaps w/ Bijoux chain are also more of a limited edition and much harder to find than their "regular" chain counterparts (which will always be around), so I think having more than one is totally worth it!
  3. I have 3 Chanels with new Bijoux chains. I love them all.
  4. I love the bijoux chain, and think two is fab, I can imagine that the silver chain on the grey will look incredible, and cant wait to see the piccies.
  5. i think you are fine and you have some bags with the older chains as well. :tup:
    i actually think the grey lambskin is amazing with the bijoux chains:love:i much prefer this color and leather with these chains.....:yes: good luck!

    edited to add: chloe--you and i are thinking alike i see!;)
  6. I think it is ok. I want a flap with the bijoux chain as well.
  7. Thanks all, I'm so excited, it will be here today. Where is the fedex guy????? !!!!
  8. Can't wait to see pics. of your Grey bag:tup:, I'm hoping Chanel continues making bijoux chains:smile:
  9. doesnt sound like a problem at all.
    The bijoux chains are cool to me- a little longer- but cool in design.
    How many bags do you see with the bijoux chain ? I have not seen any- other brands,replicas or knock offs...You see the leather and chain intwined straps all the time and on non chanel brands- I say this because- I don't know-- I lost my whole train of thought- gosh:cursing::cursing:
  10. i really like the bijoux chain, so i think you are fine with two
  11. I also like the bijoux chain, and see it as a new classic. I have 2 bags with this chain and would love to have more :yes: (I also have the chain with the leather in it). I like variety :p.
  12. I like the bijoux chain too, and don't think there's a problem with having two bags with this chain. Looking forward to seeing pics!
  13. OMG, you guys, this bag is so beautiful IRL!!! I'm so excited as you can tell!!!! There's noway I could possibly return it, although I wish I could. The leather is so creamy and smoothy and is the perfect shade of gray.
    October 23 013s.jpg
  14. Oh WOW, Spylove, that is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love, love, LOVE lambskin and that bijoux chain with the gray is STUNNING!! Congrats!
  15. I wouldn't have brought same size bags with same chain, I blame the price increase for being pickier now