Having trouble staying logged in

  1. I keep on getting logged out while viewing posts, trying to reply to them, and going onto other parts of the forum. I log back in, but I don't stay logged in, I get logged back out right away! Is anyone else having this problem? This is happening with AND without the "remember me" box being checked.

    Edit- I just got logged out creating this new thread!
  2. It just happened to me! :sad: I had been logged on for a few hours...:confused1:

    Maybe it's a sign I should go to bed.
  3. I think this happens when you click on certain posts...

    maybe not!
  4. This has happened to me for over 4 hours tonight. I'm reading a thread, click on the next page and the next thing I know, I'm on the landing page as if I just came to tPF as a guest and have to log in again. At first, I thought it was my Internet connection or something but since others are having the same problem...:confused1:
  5. Me too! Also I view tpf in the purple and it keeps changing me back into the springtime! Hopefully it is just a temporary glitch!
  6. Lol yeah it only happened to me once, it has been fine for me now.
  7. Happened to me once about an hour ago and then again just now. I'm glad it's just not me at least.
  8. Try to clear your cache and cookies, restart your browser. Instructions are posted here.
  9. yep me, too. i happened when i didn't post for a long time and just lurked. when i wanted to post something i had to log in again...
  10. Same thing was happening to me last night so I just went to bed. It's working fine now.
  11. Maybe just a full load last night?

    Like Vlad said, clear your cookies!
  12. It happened to me this morning around 9:00 or so. I was logged in, clicked a link and **poof** I got booted out. I thought I had been a bad little tPFer for a second and got the Sofa King. :cry:
  13. It still hapeen to me today. It keep log out :push:

    When I use purple background it keep change me to spring time.

    Just clear my cookie, I hope it works. Thank you Vlad and Megs.:heart:
  14. Thanks, Megs and Vlad! I will now clear (and not toss) my cookies!!! :tup:
  15. I just got logged out too.