Having trouble signing on!

  1. Hello Meg or Vlad,
    I didn't know where to contact. Are you having trouble with sign ons? When I sign on it says I don't have permission to look at the page because of the ___ reasons. However it will let me look at the The Purse Forum???? I don't think I was banned.
    "Nobody told me""":shrugs:
  2. What page are you trying to look at?
  3. Right after I sign in.. It just started yesterday! When I signed on this morning it said it. kcf you do not have permission to view these pages due to the following reasons _______. Yet I can post. Just a glitch I guess...
  4. that's not signing on though, right?
    I mean, if it's calling you by name, you're already signed on. . . you're signed on when you write this post. KWIM?
    If you are trying to use a function Vlad has temporarily disabled, then you're fine, everyone is having that same issue.