Having to Wait 2 Weeks for a Mulberry Reveal - Thanks JazzyJay!

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  1. #1 Apr 11, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
    I am currently offshore working and have two weeks before I'm home.

    I received an email from my better half informing me a parcel had arrived from 'Labels Most Wanted'. My pre-loved has arrived and I can't even see it...this is torture!

    Thanks to ElvisFan4Life who found me the bag and to JazzyJay for supplying it. I'll post a reveal when I finally get home.
  2. Yay!!!! Glad you got her....she will be worth the wait...I may well get my choc poppy out of the cupboard to celebrate with you!!
  3. It'll be the longest 2 weeks off-shore you've ever had !!! but what a lovely coming home treat awaits you - very much looking forward to the reveal xx
  4. My other half has sent photos by email and she looks in great condition. He says it looks like a biker bag! My next mission is for the beige coloured, pleated Poppy.:biggrin:

    I know...I've had it in my signature that I wanted this bag practically since I signed up. I think that was 2012, so I really am grateful to ElvisFan4Life!
  5. You are welcome sweetie...I love this,bag..it has a bit,of biker chic I think
  6. How very exciting! :woohoo: enjoy the parcel & I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. Please post a pic for us x
  7. *like*

    Thanks Beaver... A pic will be up asap! :smile:
  8. I'm now in the Shetland Isles waiting for my flight home. Hopefully in 5 hours time I'll see me new bags. Fingers crossed!
  9. So I've got my bag and I must say it's my favourite Mulberry yet. So much detail compared to more recent bags. You actually feel like it's value for money! Again, thanks the the girls for finding me her. I'm in love! image.jpg

    It's hard taking a photo when on your own.
  10. image.jpg
  11. Why are these photos upside down??? They're the correct way on my iPad.
  12. Here you go pet...she is lovely...I'm gonna get my choc one out of the wardrobe and start using her you are right the style was a stunner

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  13. Gorgeous - so nice to see her & lovely that you found "your" bag xx's
  14. What a beautiful bag!! Definitely worth waiting for!
  15. Looks to be in lovely condition and a gorgeous bag...........lots of stunning hardware. I am a hardware junky, think it makes the bag. Like you say, the newbies don't have this much detail and I bet the leather is gorgeous too.

    It's not a style I have but think it looks great and hasn't dated