Having surgery - Now recovering!

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  1. Hi everyone! I thought I'd let you all know that tomorrow I am having surgery. I don't think I ever shared most of this information here, though it is not a secret.

    I have a breast tumor that I need to have removed. I have had it biopsied and it is benign, though the doctors do not like how it has grown. They want to take the entire thing out and biopsy all of it.

    Tomorrow is the surgery - It will take a couple hours and then I go to recovery for a bit. Vlad will update you all. I will probably be offline most of this week recovering. I think I will be a bit sore and tender, but recovery should be fine.

    I am a bit nervous - but happy that I will be having this surgery and will not have to worry about this anymore. I wanted to let you all know!
  2. Good luck Megs! You will do great and it will be such a relief when the surgery is completed. Will keep you in my thoughts and will be looking for updates from Vlad. Take care of yourself.
  3. oh no sorry to hear that megs! but thankfully it's benign.

    Take care of yourself and just rest. I'm sure Vlad will be a great nurse =)

    Hope you have a smooth surgery and a smooth recovery! :flowers:
  4. Thanks for letting us know Megs! I'll be thinking about you and praying for you too!!!

  5. Good luck Megs! I will be thinking of you! I also have a benign tumor in my breast and I know how scary it can be. Once it's removed there will be no more worries!
  6. Thanks so much everyone!! I really appreciate it :heart:
  7. Best wishes! Hope you make a speedy recovery! :heart:
  8. My prayers are with you Megs... Stay strong and fight. You can beat it!
  9. I'm thinking of you Megs, best of luck and loads and loads of love to you. :hugs:
  10. good luck with everything :flowers:

    youll be in all of our thoughts...best wishes for a speedy and comfy recovery
  11. Good luck Megs! Hope everything goes well and you have a speedy recovery!
  12. Good luck!
  13. :hugs: Oh Megs I know what you're going through. I had my first surgery ever last year and I was terrified all the way up until they gave me drugs to relax. Then I was so loopy I didn't care. lol

    Be strong and know that you will make it through safe and sound. My prayers are with you!
  14. Good luck! Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  15. Good luck Megs!!!