Having small kids and bags!! Question

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  1. Ooohh! I love Orla Kiely and Petunia Picklebottom!!!
  2. The Petunia Picklebottom bags are SUCH head-turners! I have actually seen about a dozen women carry these IRL and they look smashing! Gorgeous fabric and designs. I get soooo jealous because had I known about them, I def. would've invested in one! I love that they also have straps that attach to the stroller - my diaper backpack does this too and it's very convenient!
  3. I absolutely can not use a handheld bag when I'm with Julia. I just can't do it. The fact that I have to hold a baby, mess with the sling, hold some other stuff, etc is just too much for me. It's much easier for me to have a larger sized shoulder bag where I can also place her things in there so I don't have to carry a diaper bag.
  4. [​IMG]

    I have a 10 month old son so I use these bags when I'm with him. I feel like these bags are perfect for everyday use because I can put them on anything and not worry that I'll damage them, they're very easy to clean and of course won't scratch like leather bags. I would have to say that these bags don't at all look like you're sacrificing being fashionable ;) while you're multi-tasking with your child in one arm.
    The black one is sized well, as you can see, I put the navy bag inside it. It's very handy too because it's a shoulder bag that you can easily sling on when you're in a hurry. The navy bag is where i put my son's things. It fits a 9oz Avent bottle, formula container, diaper, wipes, sunscreen, 2-3 wash cloths, and a few toys. I also pack his baby bag but I just leave it in the car, this way I find it easier to get around with everything that we need, especially during trips to the grocery, mall, playdates, etc. I really couldn't bring myself to just sacrifice not having my own things with me as well, so I decided to look for a way that would work for both my things and my sons things.
    Hopefully you too will find a solution :smile:
  5. :heart:Yeah to babies! congrats to you!:heart:

    Here's some advice I hope you think about. (I didn't read it in the other posts, but I may have missed it.)

    I have 3 kids. They are now 6, 3, 2.

    IF you want a cute baby (diaper) bag, get it w/the first so you can at least get your $ worth. Truthfully, you don't use them THAT long. Not long enough to justify spending BIG $$ on them. (I agree w/Bagladie).

    Now....to answer your original question...It was WAY easiest for me to skip a purse all together during the diaper bag stage. I threw my wallet and a tiny case for lipgloss, etc. in it. The last thing you'll want, trust me, is one more thing on your arm or soldier.

    Having said all that...I've had a speedy 30 since my youngest was around 1 1/2 and I love it. (shoulder bags fall off my shoulders and that added to my complication.) The arm bag carries a diaper if I need one and now that's about it.

  6. A microfiber backpack when the baby is little so you have both hands and a shoulder bag with big handles when they are older. Petunia diaper bags are nice. My friend carries a little LV msger and puts it in the diaper bag. Kate Spade and Coach have diaper bags too! Good luck!
  7. Congratulations and how exciting for you to be expecting! I have nothing to add to the above because I agree. Also, even after they start walking until they can independently use the bathroom I wouldn't recommend a handheld for daily use like at the mall, grocery store etc. Handhelds are fine if you are going somewhere you can safely put your bag down and concentrate on your child, like a play date, friends house etc.