Having small kids and bags!! Question

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  1. I have two boys who are "runners". Still, I like to carry my hand held totes but have to set it down quite often when out. Helps to have an another adult or shopping friend to kind of spot it. I once saw a mom dealing with 3 children and she had her LV Alma in Epi Myrtille hanging off the stroller hook. It looked nice tho!

    Early on when your baby is an infant, it's probably more practical to have a separate stroller bag and a small bag that hangs across the body for keys, cell phone and makeup. You really need your hands free!
  2. I have a 3 yr old, and although now I can use handbags, I wasn't really able to before when she was a baby. So a shoulder bag would be better, but a messenger style/crossbody bag would be even more ideal. Shoulder bags tend not to stay ON my shoulders, so messengers or crossbody bags work better for me. I was completely hands-free that way. Would you be using the bag as a diaper bag as well or you will have a separate diaper bag?

    I forgot to add.. most of my bags were useless during the time when my daughter was a 0-2 yrs old. It was all about the diaper bag at that time. I was only able to use my designer bags when i went out w/o her. So don't waste money on bags now... you won't get much opportunity to use them unless you're planning to get a Chanel diaper bag. Now that my daugher is 3, I'm making up for "lost time", haha.
  3. Such great advice on this board! I thank you all! To answer your question BabyK: I would be using a separate diaper bag and just using another bag for makeup, wallet, keys, compact, etc.

    I can see the consensus is clearly for a shoulder bag or even better yet, a messenger style bag.

    I guess it's time to start looking! I think I'll hold off on getting a nicer bag until he gets older and splurge later :graucho:.
  4. Hey, I am due in Sept too. This will be my second. My first is 15 months and a RUNNER. A shoulder bag is a must. It is impossible to have a bag in hand, run after her, grab her, carry her. A back pack bag would be even better (I don't have one though). If I have a hand-held bag I usually have to hang it on the stroller (not the safest thing).

    When baby was a newborn and I needed to lug around a bog diaper bag I would do that plus a smaller pochette type bag.

    Now I carry a bigger bag and stuff her things in there with mine.

    Congratz on the prenancy and hope you find a bag that works!

    By the way, also get a bag that your SO doens't mind carrying..because you'll need help!
  5. HI congrats on the new babies due in Sept!! Like Ann my oldest is 10, and my youngest (of 4) is 4. I can just now use a handbag and to be honest i had to set it down to tie a shoe at the park a few times last week so i'm not certain every day for ne yet is a safe hndbag day. But for a real yuong baby (my 4 yr old is a runner too and likes to hide@@) i agree totally...messenger bag or shoulder bag tops. I was obsessed with nice designer bags pre kids and then for years just used a big reg diaper bag like from babise r us (went thru a bunch tho lol) and i'd put a small pocketbook with wallet, keys etc in the bag or sometimes use a seperate compartment in the dipe bag for those items. It was more about worrying about keeping my eyse on the baby,not worrying if someone stole my winnie the pooh bag off the stroller at the park LOL
  6. ugh i need a manicure...been 4 wks not 2 oops...told you i had 4 kids lol excuse the typos please!
  7. Definitely a shoulder bag. Across the body is good too. you def need your hands free with a baby and all its bits and pieces you have to carry around with you, plus the buggy too.
  8. Yea, I will prob hold off on a high end bag for now given the info provided to me! Whoa, sounds like y'all def have your hands full! I can't wait until it's my turn....right?! lol! :P

    I plan on just buying a plain diap bag and carrying a pochette with it to grab and go when I don't need a big diaper bag.

    I guess I shall see what transpires when the baby gets older and thx everyone for their congrats! I can't wait!
  9. Have you noticed that Jennifer Garner is always wearing a backpack when she is out with Violet? Practical! She is my favorite celeb mom. Buy a beautiful wallet :yes:

    BTW, :heart: your avatar!
  10. I agree - a shoulder bag, or a messenger bag. You don't have to walk around total grub, but there are very cute bags out there. There was the cutest diaper bag at Nordroms on sale - I have to find a pic.
    I have four kids - 11, 8, 6 and 4 - and thankfully, times are gettng a little easier - and I don't have to carry the world on my shoulders (now it's just proverbial), but when I'm at the market ,etc., with the youngest, I'd like to have a bag I don't have to think about. Come to think about it, an across the shoulder messenger bag would be awesome.

    I have two links for you - one is a an expensive Gap messenger bag on eBay (it's not me, so don't worry) that I happen to LOVE and own, and then there's the infamous Begeren that I love (and far more pricey but very worth it)....check it out:



  11. Tee hee - typo! I said "expensive" Gap bag! Sorry - I meant "inexpensive"! :yes:
  12. here's a link to the Orla Kiey bags that I'm currently using when out with my little one. All depends if there is a print you like though!!

  13. For a newborn, you should invest in a backpack anyway, especially for daytrips to zoo, park, disney, etc. Very practical and a godsend for me. Mine are 5 and 2 and I can get away with just carrying one diaper and 10 wipes in a ziplock in my shoulder bag (14 x 10) plus a bottle of water and a sippy cup of milk, also in a sealed ziplock.

    Has anyone ever seen Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags? Too bad I didn't know about them when my little ones were newborns. Just gorgeous and practical!

  14. Those are all great links!!

    beautifulday32 - I was thinking a backpack or messenger bag. I love my avatar too. He's my fav:yes:.

    jchiara and LaineeGirl - Thx so much for those websites! I'm perusing them as we speak.:P