Having seconds thoughts...help!

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What do you think?

  1. Keep the raisin and get a used grey later

  2. Return for the galet and get a used purple later

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I bought a raisin rh city on tuesday and I did a reveal on it, but I haven't used it since then. Every time I take her out of the box I feel like the color doesn't pop, I don't know I just don't think I like the redness of her, I wish she was more purple. Now I'm thinking I should return her for a galet city and get a used sapphire, eggplant or violet later on. Which would you choose, keep the raisin and get a used grey color later on, or get the galet and get a used purple later on? Will the sapphire, violet, eggplant colors ever go down in price on ebay or anywhere? They're so expensive now.

    I'm so confffuussedd..:sad:
  2. I love your mod pic with your rasin, but if you really don't like the color,you may choose galet. But galet is not a pop color, it seems as grey mixed brown. And do you really want to get a vintage bag as your gift from your boyfrind?
  3. Since you don't like the color, I'd exchange it for a Galet and get an older color later on. At least then the bag would get worn and you wouldn't feel a pang of regret every time you took it out of the bag. There is an underlying assumption of course...you do like Galet, right? I don't think you would have suggested it if you didn't..but you never know...
  4. Galet's my favorite nuetral color, so I was thinking of just getting a neutral now and finding a shade of purple that I really like later on. I'm still undecided though, I guess I'll just have to keep taking the raisin out and trying it on this week to see if maybe I'll have a change of heart. It looked like the perfect purple in the store, so maybe it's just the lighting that I'm looking at it in that's making me not like it.
  5. keep her another night and then if you still have doubts get the galet... what about anthra or black btw?
  6. I can totally relate to you about the redness issue in Raisin, that's what keeping me away from the color so far.
    I just tried both Galet and Noix on today at the store and I was wearing a simple white top,
    I have to say that Galet didn't "pop" at all against my white top. Noix in the other hand matched perfectly with my outfit. I'm also confused since I wanted a Galet so bad before I tried it in person.
    Therefore, I agree with snoesje,anthra is also a great neutral, you should hit the store and try the colors again, it might help to decide. Good luck!!
  7. If you are really having second thoughts, do not keep the bag!
    Return and get something you really want....
  8. Sounds like you're not loving Raisin fully so I'd say return the Raisin while you can. Past season purples are not always pricy. Get a great Grey now and take your time search for the right Purple for you :smile: Good Luck!
  9. Well, I like the Raisin the best out of all the purples but what is important is what you think. If you don't think the Raisin is enough "pop" than will you think the Galet pops? The Galet will be very neutral and not bright at all.

    Good luck!! These decisions are never easy..
  10. That's a great idea. Carry it around for a day, see it in natural light and maybe you'll love it all over again. Good luck! Let us know how it goes :smile:
  11. I agree with everyone as well, sorry not much help.
    raisin is not as purple as a violet or a sapphire, so I would return the raisin for a classic like you said (go back with a clean head, try black, anthra, galet) make a relaxed descision and get a bright purple in the future when you see one that you really want..sound good? Good Luck
  12. If you're not loving it, return it for a Galet - which I think is a really beautiful neutral - and get an older purple later... I think Eggplant or Violet are much prettier than Raisin.
  13. I always feel that when I first open the box if the bag doesn't wow me then its not for me. I have returned/exchanged many bags for that reason, they cost way too much money for second thoughts. Get what love.
  14. I was in the same situation too. I asked my SA to let me know when the raisin would come in and he put a hold on it for me. When I got there in person, the colour didn't suit me well and I ended up walking out of the store with the City RH Tempete which caught my attention at the store. But I made the decision at the store. If you have second thoughts and is within the refund period, I'd say return it and get the colour/bag you really want in your heart.
  15. Yikes-tough choice! I love Raisin but I also love Galet. And i chose Galet over Raisin .. i guess this dilemna is not only bothering you but many others out there as well. Why does Bal makes so many beautiful color! Lol.. Whatever choice you chose, I wish you Good Luck. Go with yr heart.