Having second thoughts.....

  1. Hi,guys!I just purchased my first Mono Speedy 25 today,and right now i have a second thought---may be i should have bought 30 instead.I am 5'7 ,120 lbs,i am thinking---may be it is too small for me????But the thing is i hardly ever carry anything in my purses---just cell phone and keys and wallet---so dont you think 30 will be too big for that???I dont know what to do???Should i exchange or should i leave it and start enjoying?????Thank you.:confused1:
  2. Yes, if you don't carry much, then stick with the 25!
  3. This should be out in the reg. lv forum, not in the clubs section ;)
  4. I bought the 30 because of my height (5'9). I only carry a few things-pti wallet, makeup case, glasses and cell phone-and I think my bag looks funny.
  5. The 25 is fine since you don't carry much. :biggrin: But if you aren't genuinely happy with it, then you should exchange it.
  6. The 25 is perfect for you. You sound slender so it balances out. You don't carry much so a 30 would just look lost on you. Stick with your new purchase and enjoy it!
  7. OH,no.I am happy,but from reading all the post it seems to me that 25 might be not proportional with my height,and so i am afraid i will look funny .I dont know what to do!!!!!BUt at the same time----30 is just too big for a pair of keys and wallet!!!!!!
  8. Get what you really love, that when you look in the mirror, it just kind of fits you! Don't worry too much about posts - we all stick up for what we love. Ultimately, you will just know when you hold it up. I don't carry much in my Speedy 30 (used to have the 25). I like mine a little better bigger 'cause I'm not as slim as I would love to be. Sounds like either would be beautiful on you, so pick the one you love best!
  9. I think you should stick to the 25, given the number of things you usually carry. I've seen ladies of all heights and sizes carry the 25 and they look perfectly fine to me.

  10. totally agree - go with what you REALLY love!!! For me, I LOVE my Speedy 30 - its just coz I cart LOTS of crap around with me!!! Good luck on what you decide!!! :wlae:
  11. I'm same height and weight and when I buy a speedy, it will be the 25 - I do like how the size looks on me, and I dont carry enuf for a 30.
  12. Get what you love BUT make sure you'll have use for it, or it'll just sit in the closet
  13. Lol I don't carry enough for a 30 either but I LOVE the size. I really have never seen anyone stuff the 25, either. They're both really spacious bags no matter how you look at it. I'd go back to the store and hold the 30 up again and look in the mirror with both, then make up your mind that way. I personally prefer the 30 even though I'm only 5'2. :yes:
  14. I had the same dilemma before I got my Speedy. I am 5'5 and I thought the 30 would be too big for me - but I am really happy I got the 30. I never do come even close to filling it up- but I still really like it. I may get the 25 in the Damier next though- just for some variety :smile: In all honesty- I am not sure you can go wrong with either ;)
  15. This is such an ongoing dilemma! I was in the same boat though and ended up getting the 25. The 30 just wasn't me - although sometimes I look at pics in here and want it! I love my 25 though - it fits all my stuff perfectly and for an everyday handbag it's the perfect size for me. I don't think I would have been happy with the 30. KEEP IT!!!