having second thoughts...

  1. i am having second thoughts about my recent ebay purchase of the monogram malesherbes. i loved it when i first got it and it looks great on me. however, the love fizzled out and now i have this bag in my closet that i probably won't use too much. it still looks great on me but i wonder if i should sell it. does this happen to you? it's such a hassle to have to sell it. why didn't i think carefully before hitting BIN? :hysteric:
  2. those BIN impulses are very regretful! maybe you are just bored with it and your infatuation with other bags had but the maleshebers in the back of your mind
  3. wow, you really are serious about this, aren't you? :shocked:
  4. Maybe the love will come back in a little while, sometimes if you put a bag away for a while & when Iyou see it again you remember what I loved about it.
  5. Everlong - you are right. i am drooling over other bags that are much more functional compared to this one.

    yeuxhonnetes - i think so. it just doesn't feel like love anymore... though it still looks great on me.

    taco - i guess it doesn't hurt to wait for a little while longer to see how i feel about it in a few weeks.
  6. That happens to me sometimes...give it a try...that is a great bag.
  7. I think very thoroughly before hitting bin so it doesn´t happen to me no. It´s a classic bag, a bit too structured for my liking but beautiful either way.
  8. sma11cat, - I loved the Malesherbes on you in the visual aids. You looked great. Give it some time, - you may love it again?
  9. Time will tell...it's very classic though!
  10. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Yea, sometimes, after you put it away for a while, you'll fall in love with it all over again!
  11. yeah, besides it's such a beauty:yes:
  12. it happens to me sometimes. but i will still keep it, because i might fall in love with it someday again.
  13. hi everyone! alright i think i will give it some time. thanks for all of your kind words. :shame:
  14. I think that you should keep it. Since I've seen you modeling this bag, I have been considering it. You don't see it often which is one of the things that I like about it.
  15. I would sell if. In my past experiences, once you fall out of love with a bag and don't use it for a while, chances are you never will. JMHO.