Having second thoughts....

  1. I am so indecisive...I really want a shopping bag as many of you know, but feel I have too many bags already to justify getting yet another. I also just got the grenat purse and a few other non bbags so I am feeling a little guilty. To make myself feel better, I listed two of my bags so that I could offset the cost.
    Now last night I actually dreamed of my blue hobo...:crybaby:
    I originally put it up because I am kind of conservative so although this is a gorgeous color, I rarely use it. On the other hand, I don't have a lot of bags with color, mostly neutrals, and this is the one of the only bags I have that gives a pop of color.
    So....should I quickly cancel the listing and keep it?
  2. If you are having doubts to the point you are dreaming about it, keep it. Sometimes I'll have momentary second thoughts, but they pass. If yours are not going away, don't sell. That hobo doesn't come around every day.
  3. I know..it's a tough decision!!! Do you have any other bags you would sell instead? Sellers remorse sucks!!!!
  4. ditto ^^ :tender:
  5. Thanks ..I think I will take off for now. I guess if I change my mind later, I can always relist! Why oh why are there so many bags I want?
  6. i was going through similar things when i listed 2 of my bags. i ended up selling one, but holding onto the other. i haven't even used that bag but i just didn't feel completely ready to let it go! soon though.... what has to be done, has to be done!
  7. if you might regret it- keep, b/c honestly, past season bags just do not come around all that often. right now there might be a few up bc its summer, but really soon, after the new season colors settle in, I think we'll be back fighting for past season colors. hold onto it, sky blue is such a fabulous color! everybody deserves a little color!
  8. I ditto mocean!!! :yes:
  9. thanks so much all! It is so good to get your perspective!
  10. yeah totally - if you have any doubts totally just pull the listing and think about it more!!! good luck!!!
  11. mac, i think you did the right thing by taking it down until you're ready without a doubt.:yes: also, when and if you list it.... list it for a price that you're willing to part with it. that's what i do... it makes it hurt less.:flowers:
  12. i agree with esile, i put the price that i won't regret by selling it!
  13. Esile and Seahorse, for now I took the bin off so that I still have time to change my mind...still thinking...