Having second thoughts

  1. I have wanted a neutral colored mono shawl for Fall and couldn't find one in Verone or Pomme. Black is not for me. I decided to purchase the lurex in beige but I'm now worried its too dressy for everyday use. I welcome your opinions.

  2. Hmm.. I would need to see pics in order to give my opinion.. however, beige is a beautiful neutral color and goes great with monogram pieces.
  3. Need to see pictures. But it sounds really nice.
  4. Having trouble with my camera - sorry. Maybe some of you are familiar with these two types of fabric/shawls?
  5. Beige is a nice neutral color. Beige can be worn for everyday use. It looks great with jeans!
  6. It sounds nice.
  7. Get it! It is gorgeous!
  8. Lurex is pretty, but dressy, IMO.
    Try out some other colors to see what looks best, but I myself like the chocolate color, but it's never on elux !!
  9. I'm not familar with it - would love a pic.