Having Second Thoughts...Should I Exchange?

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  1. I posted a picture of my new denim flat pouch in the denim club a couple of weeks ago when I got it, but I don't think I posted in the general LV board, so here it is! Only thing is, I may be having second thoughts...should I exchange this for the pochette tikal? I am just looking for a small wrist bag that I can carry when going out casually. Thanks :flowers:
    frontdenimlv.JPG backdenimlv.JPG
  2. I love this denim pouch! But, if you're having second thoughts, thenmaybe it's not for you! :yes: You should definitely love it to keep it!
  3. I personally love pochette tikal better than denim..love turn lock closure..
  4. If you are having second thoughts, exchange it!:yes:
  5. I have never felt like this one is worth the money - I would go with the other!
  6. I agree with bags and bags
    pouchette tikal definitly, the turn lock is so cute
  7. ITA, nothing worse than being unsure and then ending up with a bag you don't use.
  8. i love pochette tikal better or maybe wapity?!
  9. Pochette tikal looks classier and will probably last longer...
  10. I agree! exchange it:yes:
  11. I like it, but if you're having second thoughts exchange it for something you'll enjoy!
  12. Tikal is great for everything, but denim is very casual, for the casual look..., get both! haha...
  13. I would exchange it too.
  14. Thanks everyone! It looks like the consensus is the tikal!
  15. I agree, if you are having doubts now then maybe you should exchange it.