Having second thoughts, should I exchange and go for the bracelet?

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  1. Regular love no diamond as a starting piece. Later on if you want to add some bling you can always consider adding a diamond braclet
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  2. Thank you!
  3. For your first Cartier bracelet, I'd for sure choose the classic Love, even if it doesn't have diamonds. The thin love I personally feel ADDS to a stack, but I don't feel like it has enough presence on its own. I purchase the thin diamond pave love, but only AFTER getting the classics.
  4. Small looks nice. But if I can only get one at the moment. I would choose classic.
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  5. I think you've answered your own question: 1) you don't want the ring; 2) I'm concerned that you're buying based on what you can afford, as opposed to what you want. It sounds like you might be unhappy with or outgrow the small love w diamonds. Maybe you should wait and put the credit towards what you really want. It all adds up . . .
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  6. Where did you get the bracelet that has "A" and "S" on it?! I love the way that looks!!!
  7. First-no to the ring. You already don't like it-don't take it by default. You'll always regret it.

    Second-I would buy the classic first. It will go with everything. The thin -- even with diamonds--looks like a compromise (sorry); like you bought what you could afford, rather than what you wanted.

    At one point I had all three-YG, PG & WG and they looked wonderful stacked. I thought the diamond was too pricey and I wasn't sure if I wanted to be locked-into a bracelet, literally and figuratively, especially at that price point.

    So my suggestion is that you buy the Regular Love w no diamonds, see if you like it--save your money and if you want, you can add the regular w diamonds later.

    Here's a nice little enabling shot. I figured if the regular plain was good enough for a Kardashian, it was good enough for me!

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  8. Hi, thanks! I live in India and it’s from a brand called Carat Crush. www.caratcrush.com. They are on instagram too. Not sure if they ship abroad.
  9. Classic, no diamonds. It is the most versatile.
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