Having second thoughts, should I exchange and go for the bracelet?

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  1. I just got it last week I am planning to start to wear it after my birthday.
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  2. Omg! Can’t wait to see it in your stack! Hoping for your sake your birthday is coming soooon
  3. Thank you
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  4. I agree that the thin looks better as an add on, so if you love both, get the classic first (regardless which one it is, regular, 4 diamond, etc).
    I started with the 4 diamond YG classic and no regrets. Would like to add a WG thin pavè next. Have 3 JUC instead. YG, double WG w/ diamonds and XL YG.

  5. iriedame.....Beautiful look, I love your LOVE collection!
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  6. You have a beautiful collection! Can’t wait to see your 6 diamond thin.
    Thank you for the advice, I think I’m leaning towards the classic.
  7. I love the pave!
    As well as maybe adding a thin JUC later on..
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  8. You cannot go wrong with anything from Cartier. The classic love is simple and chic and I am very sure you would love it!
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  9. Cartier is definitely a slippery slope!
    I’d love to have the WG classic, PG thin JUC bracelet, maybe a JUC ring too, and can’t forget about a 6 diamond thin love lol
  10. Now that I think about it, my biggest slippery slopes have been orange and red as well lol
  11. Hahaha, you are right! Orange is dangerous too
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  12. Classic love in YG for sure! I think it looks equally nice alone, paired with another love and/or JUC, or a part of a big stack! I have had mine for almost 5 years and never taken it off!

    C8F5BAF3-5910-45B1-B720-A2860C18F1AC.jpeg 59F7475C-D9B9-4E5D-B3C3-E63731991530.jpeg
  13. I love your stack!
  14. I second this. It's just such a perfect piece:heart:
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  15. Orange is right there next to red lol.
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