Having second thoughts, should I exchange and go for the bracelet?

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  1. Hi everyone! So I wanted to purchase myself my first piece from Cartier for Xmas and my bday.
    I was deciding between bracelets and rings, and ended up with the regular JUC ring in pink gold.
    I tried on two sizes in the shop and picked the 53 and had it boxed up so I can open it on New Years.
    Well, the SA gave me the wrong size. She gave me the 54 and I knew something was off when I put it on. It was way too loose. We confirmed in the boutique and they said they would exchange or return.

    I’m having second thoughts on the ring. I like it, but I also really would like a bracelet. I’m pretty sure I’d end up with both at some point, just not sure which to get first.

    I would either get the Small Love with 6 diamonds since it’s now affordable to me. The 10 diamond was out of my price range.
    Or the regular love with no diamonds. (Regular with diamonds isn’t in price range)
    Which would you decide on?
    Or just stick with the ring?
  2. As a first piece my personal choice would be the classic love without diamonds a beautiful starting piece [emoji813]️

    However you should try them all on and go with what makes your heart sing [emoji873]
  3. If price wasn’t an issue I would get the more expensive item first because if there was a price increase it would save you more money to buy the expensive item now. Even if the ring goes up in price it wouldn’t be as significant as a bracelet. Let us know what you decide:smile:
  4. I tried on the small plain Love before and it suits my small wrist.
    The classic love is nice as well of course. I feel like if I spend 6k plus it should be on the classic size. But I do love sparkly diamonds :sad:
  5. That’s true. I remember when the bracelet was less expensive but I didn’t have money like that to spend.
    As for a 6k purchase, it would be my last for 2019 most likely and I would have to go to ban island.
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    Perhaps, try this as an exercise:

    Close your eyes and imagine owning and wearing each possible bracelet in turn. Think about wearing each to places you go to regularly and at home.

    Which one feels makes you feel like you're the luckiest person alive and makes you glow with happiness?

    That's the one to go for.
  7. That’s a very good way to decide. Almost like flipping a coin, the side that you hope it lands on right before you flip it is the one you really want.

    Unfortunately I want both lol,
    But I think I may be leaning towards the small with diamonds. The only thing holding me back is the thought that it’s not truly as classic as the original size.
    This would be a lifetime piece for me.
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  8. Classic will never go out of style.
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  9. 100% regular love with no diamonds. Classic & iconic, you'll never regret it.
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  10. I still think the classic first and then the thin next to stack with as they look beautiful together [emoji4]
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  11. [​IMG]
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    Go for the classic without diamonds. I have the plain classic, rainbow, plain thin and 6 diamonds thin. The plain classic is my very first love bracelet and I would still pick it as the first piece if I need to choose again. It looks good on its own or stacking with the thin. For the thin one, the screw motif and diamonds are quite small and it looks better when stacking with other bracelets. I think the regular would be more long lasting and you can wear it for decades.
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  13. Go for the classic without diamonds...I started with the 4 diamond regular then got the thin all diamonds and just bought the classic without diamonds because I always regretted not starting where it all began.

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  14. Did you get the 6 diamond thin?!? How did i miss That post! I wanna See how it looks. Congrats!!
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  15. Another vote for the classic! +1

    You will always regret not getting the classic first ( IF you intend to get the classic anyway.)

    Then you can save up for the thin later on. I feel that the classic is better as a stand-alone bracelet whereas the thin (to me) is better stacked. So while you only have one bracelet (until you buy the next one) my opinion is the classic will be better alone.