Having second thoughts on this gorgeous wallet

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  1. I currently have a New Medium Black Patent Boy Bag with GHW, and I'm in need of a wallet. Originally I was just going to go for a card case with caviar leather and GHW, but I'm a sucker for hot pink and patent, and ended up buying a Large Gusset Boy wallet. I love the contrast with my bag, and it's large enough to hold my phone so I can use it as a mini clutch. My only issue is, I'm afraid of color transfer. I have another week to make my decision and I've been looking at large wallets online, but I'm not really seeing anything I love as much. Does anybody have any suggestions for wallets, or should I just keep it and accept the fact that hot pink patent will show transfer marks?

    Thank you!

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  2. I love this L-Gusset Boy Wallet. I have it in Metallic Blue and Lambskin Silver. I can use this size because I carry mostly New Medium Boys and CF Jumbos. I like the contrast of color too with your Black Boy. I see no reason why you can't avoid color transfer on your wallet if you're just a bit careful. So far, I have never had any color transfer on any of my patent handbags or wallets.
    The first wallet I bought though was black. I basically have black wallets in small, medium & large in different materials & prints (think Camellia). It was quite a few years before I ventured into bright colored wallets. Sorry for being so long winded! :P
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  3. you always take a risk with patent but i think if you love this wallet, then keep it. with card holders, smaller wallets and keypouches, i think a bright patent SLG is so much fun!!! you can also think of it this way.... it won't hurt as much if you get color transfer on a smaller item rather than a jumbo that costs close to 6K!!! ;) plus you only have this one life to live and if you can afford luxury items then WHY NOT?!?!?!! (i know, i'm the worst enabler!! haha)
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  4. Honestly, that wallet is GORGEOUS and just makes me smile every time I look at it! I, on the other hand, have some crazy OCD about carrying a black wallet. I purchased a Chanel black lambskin zip-around wallet yesterday to be carried in both a black jumbo cf and a soon to arrive silver jumbo cf. I had this very conversation with my SA because I was considering adding a Chanel red lambskin pouch. My SA was straightforward with me that I should probably expect color transfer from BOTH the red and the black lamb SLGs in the silver cf. After thinking about it, I decided I was OK with some black color transfer in the silver cf, however, the possibility of red (oddly making me think of blood for some random reason) I knew, "um, no! that will not work for me!" In turn I decided to order a black lamb pouch. Yes, my bag will he very boring inside now, but my OCD will be content. The wallet you are considering, however, is 1) SUCH a beautiful color and 2) may not be a color you can find again so easily, 3) not to mention black Chanel wallets are pretty much always available. At end of the day, a little color transfer of that pretty pink may not bother you so much? It surely does not remind me of blood, like my little dark red lamb pouch did.:nuts: Hopefully that helps some.:smile: And if you are mindful of making sure you don't leave that PRETTY PINK patent out in a warm/hot place, it may not transfer as much as one might imagine, if at all. I am less familiar with patent, but do know that it can be heat sensitIve. Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide...:girlsigh:
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