Having second thoughts now...help me decide?

  1. Ok...I must be losing my mind. I ordered and have not received a jumbo distressed caviar bag, mademoiselle lock and NEW chain (the "Courtney Cox" bag). I am having second toughts on it because I am afraid of watermarking if I get caught in the rain with it.
    Should I get the Jumbo Black Caviar with NEW chain instead? What are your thoughts? I am in such dilemma! LOL

    The first pick is the distressed leather....the second obviously is the caviar.
  2. Do you live somewhere where it rains a lot?

    Short of living in a rain forest -

    I would get the bag you want and just not use it on bad rainy days...if you get caught in the rain put the bag under your shirt or something until you get to cover .....I guess I don't really see why you are so worried about rain / watermarks....:confused1:
  3. I can't see the pics :sad:

    I'd get the distressed one unless you think you'll for sure carry it all the time even on bad weather days.
    If you know you'll carry it a few times a week, only in decent weather then get it! :biggrin:
  4. I can't see the photos, but love distressed leather.
  5. <img src="http://thumbp2.mail.mud.yahoo.com/tn?sid=2091964058&mid=AHzOjkQAAH%2bQRoMWtADIzSG5sIU&partid=2&f=333&fid=Inbox ">

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  6. can't click on it, after you paste each address, you have to click enter
  7. the caviar purses hold up well to watermark. Don't worry about it. Just don't use it when the forecast calls for heavy rain.
  8. I will get the bag that I want and not use if during rainy days.. I spray my bags with colonil though.. and so far nothing bad has happened..

  9. I just got this bag in black in the med/large size, and I bought it because I think it will easily be an all weather bag. I'm in NJ, and we get our share of rain here....I'm not worried. I think the bag can handle it.
  10. I'm not sure if the washed leather is the same as the washed /caviar of my daimond stitch, but i was caught in the rain the other day and it was fine. Don't know if this helps....
  11. Ok....I think the link above finally works? That is the distressed leather bag that will arrive next week. But I would imagine since its distressed it will be okay (like I said, I am not planning on wearing it in rain....but I can guarantee one day I'll get caught with it out in unexpected rain....I live on LI, so that is normal here!)
    THanks again everyone.....you have all been so helpful......I LOVE THIS SITE! Not only am I a Chanel addict, I am a PF addict too!
  12. ^^^good advice roey! im think you should get the bag you want
  13. I can't see your pictures either but I would keep the bag you love and wouldn't use it in the rain, but if you leave in area where their is tons of rain I would get the other bag.