Having second thoughts and a Besace dilemma...I would love some help, please

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  1. #1 Jan 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2009
    This is going to make me sound incredibly flaky, but I guess in this case I am. I have my eggplant nubuck Besace and in the thread where I posted pics, all of my enthusiasm for the color and gushing about its beauty is genuine. It's a gorgeous bag and I do love the color. However, I'm now having second thoughts about whether this is the right Besace for me.

    The problem is that I feel like the Besace should be an easy-to-wear, comfortable bag. I haven't even taken my Besace out yet, mostly because it's been raining on and off, but even on Friday I was thinking about using it and decided against it. We were using the season tickets from the company where my husband works for a Caps game (hockey), and were then having drinks afterwards with co-workers. This seems like it should be a situation for which a Besace would be ideal but I was too worried about drinks at the game and then at the bar afterwards. And there did end up being a little splashing of drinks as we settled in at the game. I've had weird stuff happen (my Muse Two has already had a run-in with a martini and a beer and my Rive Gauche had a dog jump all over it) and I'm worried about massive stains and damage happening to the nubuck.

    So I already had that floating around in my head after Friday night, and then yesterday morning I log in here to see Jennifer Aniston looking fabulous with her black Besace before I popped out to the Saks Jandel sale (local DC-area store) to check things out. Well, they had marked down the black deerskin Besace and I loved it. I thought the Besace would look too plain in leather if it weren't the bubble leather, but the deerskin is really pretty, so soft and I've had a deerskin wallet for over a year that gets used constantly and still looks new, so I know it holds up well. I also love that is has the satin lining versus the canvas in the nubuck Besaces.

    Anyway, I grabbed the black deerskin and figured I would decide what to do. My husband is fine with either (since the nubuck turned into a Christmas gift from him after I bought it), he just wants me to have a bag that I will use and with which I'll be happy. So now I'm not sure what to do. I'd basically be selling off the Besace I don't keep, and I'm fine with taking a bit of a loss to pay for my indecision.

    The other thing is that I'm drawn to the new berry Easy but was deciding against it because it was too similar in color to the eggplant Besace (not exactly the same, but the same color family). So the Easy would come back into play if I stuck with the black Besace.

    So these are my options:

    -Keep both Besaces which would knock out any Easy bags for probably the first half of the year

    -Keep the eggplant Besace and go for a black Easy bag at some point

    -Keep the deerskin Besace and go for the berry Easy bag at some point

    Also, here are the pros and cons for each:

    Eggplant pros-beautiful color, lush, unusual, adds pop of color and I don't have a nubuck bag

    Eggplant cons-high maintenance, takes away some of the practicality of the Besace, can't be used in many situations and is probably only a fall/winter bag

    Deerskin pros-beautiful, soft leather, durable, lightweight, satin lining, versatile and I don't have a deerskin bag

    Deerskin cons-it's a black bag, so no pop of color

    Am I being too paranoid about the nubuck? If it were another type of bag, I'd be OK with it being a "every so often" bag, but I feel like part of the appeal of the Besace specifically is it being an everyday bag. Maybe I'm just not right for the nubuck. If your nubuck bag were stained, would you still feel OK using it?

    Sorry for the length and I realize this is just about purses and not life or death, but I was trying to give the full picture of what's running around in my head.

    Thanks for reading and any advice you have to offer! :flowers:
  2. Hmm. What a dilemma. I don't think your concern is baseless. Especially if you want to keep the nubuck looking brand new. If you don't think you could ever carry the nubuck besace as an everyday bag then you should probably return it. Especially since you never know what life can bring. As you said, dogs and children with ice cream cones, oh my.

    And since you just got the deerskin version, which I think is something that you could carry everyday, it might be wise of you to put the money from your returned besace towards another bag that you've been jonesing after.
  3. Ok, after reading your post...it sounds to me like you should keep the black deerskin besace. You will use it everyday, you will reach for it, even in inclement weather, and possible cautious situations (drinks/bar), and you love it!

    So if you decide to keep the deerskin, the question remains do you keep the eggplant besace as well, since you cant return it to store, and will be selling it, then there is no real rush to decide this...I would use the black besace and make it part of your everyday life, and then maybe that will give you more insight as to whether you really love :heart: love the style, to keep it in the eggplant/nubuck combo as well...if yes then you keep it. Otherwise you can resell.

    Another thing is if you find the Berry Easy, and chances are you will come across it, then you can always get that and still resell the besace eggplant, b/c you already have the black deerskin in that style.

    Hope that makes some sense...but I've gone through this many times as well. Happy to see there are others out there as passionate about their bags as I am!!

    And be happy, glad you grabbed the deerskin, so you can really decide! It would have been much worse had you not bought it, and was thinking about it...been there done that too!

    Good Luck with your decision! And do let us know what you decide!!

    Just my humble opinion. :idea:
  4. shazam, I can't give a proper advice, but believe- the more you think about stains, spots, scratches the oftener they happen. Your nubuck besace is very special, I mean the colour. The bag exists for you but not vise verse. Is it possble you would feel sorry if you exchange for another one? Try to find more pros, if it doesn't work, then go for the black one.
  5. Thanks, guys! All of your advice is helping me think through what I should do. And I should probably clarify that when it comes to the nubuck, I'm not expecting it to stay looking like new and would expect worn edges, marks here and there in the nubuck, etc. so my concern stems moreso from the idea of the bag coming into contact with something that causes a large permanent stain which takes away from the look of the bag and is noticeable from a distance.

    EliG, thanks for sharing your experience with your Besace, it does make a difference to know you're able to carry it everyday and not baby it, and it still looks great.
  6. I don't have the ultimate answer for you shazam, that's really up to you. One point I will make is that even though some tPFers talk a lot about "everyday" bags, I kind of disagree with the whole concept... No bag is perfect for every outfit, every situation, every event, every weather condition. That's why most of us have multiple bags, right? Not all of your bags need to go to that hockey game, only one of them does. I have a few designated "beat up" bags in my collection that I wear on rainy days and to sporting events (a couple of nylon Longchamps bags and a nylon Tod's Pashmy bag.) I also have a few older designer bags with sturdy leather ( Gucci and Ferragamo, for instance) that can tough out those sorts of situations. I don't feel as elegant as I do when I carry my YSL bags, but I can relax and enjoy myself.

    So I'd suggest that the question you need to answer is, how important is it to you to be able to carry your Besace anywhere and anytime? If you want to be able to take it to that hockey game, then perhaps you should stick with the black deerskin.
  7. I completely agree with Cosmo that we buy bags for certain situations. I purchased my nubuck teal Muse II knowing that I wouldn't wear it all the time. Case and point, my BF and I went to watch football games at a sports bar yesterday. So I decided to forego my more "delicate" bags and reached for my pewter besace.

    That said, I am a strong believer in trusting your gut. Your post makes me think that you are not sold on the issues that come with having a less versatile fabric for a handbag you're hoping to use a great deal. Which says it all to me. I think if I were you and feeling this way, I would sell he eggplant besace, keep the black leather and pursue the Easy. It's a win win because you'll end up with 2 awesome bags no matter what.

    Let us know what you decide.
  8. BagLover21, that perfectly sums up the issues I'm having, because that's exactly the type of situation where I'd love to be able to grab my Besace, too.

    I think maybe we're interpreting the concept of "everyday" bag differently. I don't think anyone expects any bag to be the perfect bag in absolutely every situation, and that's not what I would think of when it comes to the Besace. Regardless of what leathers and colors it's in, I can think of many instances where I wouldn't want to carry a Besace and would choose another bag. My dilemma has been stemming from this part of my post:

    So again, that's a personal view on the type of bag the Besace is, I suppose. To me, a messenger-style bag is something meant to be grab-and-go that can be used in casual situations, although the Besace is chic enough to work in other situations, as well. If I'm worrying about it in those casual situations, then that contradicts some of the point of the bag, for me. I know for some that a bag at this price would never be a bag that could go to a game and out to a bar, but I like to use my bags. As it was, I took my Tribute which worked out fine (it survived the splashing like a champ) so I do understand the point that there will always be another bag that will work, I just don't want to feel like I'm always grabbing another bag instead of taking the Besace.

    I need to figure out whether I can get past the concern about the nubuck and just enjoy using it, because tucking it away into the closet and pulling it out for select occasions is not one of the options I would consider for this particular bag, and that's where the deerskin would come in. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to respond, I'm definitely getting a lot to consider! :heart:
  9. Do you have a pic of the deerskin? And may I ask how much Saks had it on sale?

    I would keep the Black Besace. I had the same dilemma as you: I was in love with both the anthracite nubuck and the black leather. I already have other black bags, but I really hate to be worrying about getting water on the nubuck even though leather protectant sprays seem to work well. I'm probably just paranoid like that and I don't want to be worried about it constantly. They are both gorgeous, though!
  10. shazam, gotcha! and i would feel the same way you feel b/c at the heart of it, we want to be able to carry our besaces for our casual, care-free occasions.

    since i think this is a very important point, i think you should let go of the nubuck and stick with the black. :tup:
  11. ^Yes, I agree, it sounds like you want your Besace to be your take-anywhere, knock-around hockey-game bag, so as I said above, I'd go with the deerskin in this case. :yes: Post some pics! I guess this is the smooth leather version I've seen at Saks Jandel before?
  12. ^ Yep, it's the same bag you've seen at Saks Jandel before. Considering that I go to a hockey game once in a blue moon I don't know that I'd call it my hockey bag, LOL, but it would be nice if it could survive an indoor sporting event here and there. It's not like it was an uncivilized situation, we were sitting behind Rich Fairbank (founder of Capital One) who survived in his suit, but when you're passing drinks along, drips and splashes can happen and that's what I was worried about. If I could feel like the nubuck would handle that, then I'd be alright.

    closetavalanche, this isn't a Saks Fifth Avenue, it's a local store called Saks Jandel (confusing, I know) where they sell a small group of designer collections. They do a sale every January and this was part of that sale.

    Thanks again for all of the input, I'll try to snap some pictures of the deerskin tomorrow!
  13. ^I completely understand where you are coming from. My DH and I are big sports fans and go to lots of games. Which bag to take is always an issue.

    When I was in NYC before Christmas, we were at a game and I had my black bubble Besace at my feet. Nowhere else for it to go, with a hotdog in my lap and a beer in my hand. Then someone two rows behind me spilled her beer and it streamed down and under my bag. Luckily I noticed right away.
  14. shazam,

    I live in the area also and I've worried about my bags recently with all of this rain. I don't own a YSL yet so I'm not sure how it will stand up in this weather. I did purchase some appleguarde and lovinmybags products and it seemed to help my other bags. Appleguarde claims to waterproof bags but I'm not sure how accurate that is and how a YSL would stand-up to the product.

    I'm going to have to go to Saks Jandel this week and check out the YSLs. With the inauguration festivities and all of the tourists coming to the city, I believe all of the good sale items will be gone!
  15. :tup: That's exactly the kind of random thing that would happen to me! I'm glad your Besace ended up OK. We have partial season tickets for the Nats, and I don't even bring a bag to the ballpark because people get crazy with the peanuts, mustard and beer there. If I were to set a bag down, it would end up covered in something because I attract other people's accidents. Your story is similar to how my Muse Two ended up with a martini on it except it was spilled on the bar where I had set my bag down while pulling out my phone. If I hang onto the nubuck, I would never put it down anywhere!

    chica1, unfortunately the Saks Jandel didn't really have a great sale selection of bags other than the Besaces which were all gone by the time I left. Tons of apparel was marked down, although I think they just run it as a two-day sale. I'm not sure whether the markdowns will still be available after this weekend.