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  1. getting a chelsea. I am living in a country without an LV store and the nearest LV boutique is about 2 hrs away by plane. Anyway, my DH is leaving for Singapore in a week's time for business purposes and I am planning to get him to buy a chelsea. But then, i am starting to have second thoughts...see...I want an everyday tote, which is roomy enough to accomodate my sony notebook (13 in), has zipper and one wihtout vachetta. Also one i could carry when travelling overseas. I am also worried that the bag will appear too big on me ( I am 5ft 2in). I just need some honest opinions. TIA!
  2. when i tried it at the store, it looked too big! :wtf: i'm 5'2" as well....since it has so much stuffing in it and it looked full --- but i saw a lady using it with a small child....it looked half full and not as structured....
    it actaully looked great! :heart: she looked about my size too! :P i LOVE damier and have a few bags....but i almost ALWAYS go back to monogram, poor damier sit in my closet most of the times....:crybaby:
  3. STOP the thoughts!
    I am 5'4'' and love big bags but this one is great. Have you noticed the BIG BAGS for this fall! This is small in comparison.
    I really think you'll love it, and no worry rain or shine. The damier is beautiful and you don't see it coming and going........
    I wanted a keepall for short trips but decided to get the chelsea b/c couldn't see spending so much money for infrequent trips usage.....I use it as a daily tote, and hall everything in it. Its really not to big , several gals have it and I guess , is a personal thing......
  4. I had ordered a Chelsea a little while back as I'm not close to an LV store either. I ended up sending it back, but it was because I wasn't crazy about the straps. I'm 5'2" also, and while it is a good-sized bag, I didn't think it looked too big on me. The thing I didn't like about the straps is that since they're adjustable, the bottom of the strap is dangling loose and not encased in hardware and leather like the straps on most of LV's bags. I could see that being a problem for me down the road with the loose part of the straps getting caught on stuff, such as getting it in and out of my car. A lot of people here have Chelseas and love them. I still think it's a great bag, and if it's size only that you're worried about, I think it would be fine for you.
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