Having second thoughts about saying no...

  1. First off - so glad the board is up and running again!:yahoo:
    I wanted to post on the H board today since no one at work gets the bag stress!

    I'm so stressed out.. as some of you know, my supervisor went to Paris for a few days and was excited to check out the mothership to see if my dream Rouge H/Vif/pretty much any other red with PH would be there... he calls today after stopping in a couple of times, and has been offered two!

    I turned down the 2 Birkins, and my mom is making me doubt my decision.

    I've been having second thoughts for most of the day - I totally want a rouge H/Vif or gold with PH. So anyway, he was offered gold with gold HW (so close!) and a blue jean (we think - he said it was a "robin's egg blue") with PH (aagh - this is the one I'm doubting since BJ is really popular...)

    I've been so distracted at work and at dinner about it, and am not sure if I made the right choice, and my mom's like, "oh maybe you should have gotten the BJ one." :s

    IDK - it's getting closer to what I want (last time we tried, it was an etoupe)... having total doubts about whether I should have just taken it since both of these would have had good resale if a rouge ever came along and I needed $$... aagh! Am I being too fussy?

    How picky were you ladies for your "first" Birkin?

    Thanks for listening :flowers:
  2. You should hold out and wait for the Rouge Vif/other reds. Don't worry, the perfect one will come along - be patient!! :flowers:
  3. Hold out for the one you truly want. If you settle for one that's close to what you want, you'll still regret it later. Just take it from someone who's been through that too many times.:yes:

    Btw, you have a really cool supervisor!
  4. Kou, he's totally :supacool: ! He was only a few years ahead of me in med school, and has always been a fashion/brand-a-holic as long as I've known him (LOL, can you tell he's gay?!?) Anyway, he's such a great guy - DH was *dreading* going into the H store when he was travelling, but my boss was like - "oh, this will be so fun to go bag shopping!" He was planning on taking pics of the bag and the mothership and the whole unveiling process if there was one on my list!

    Thanks for the support... I've just been obsessing. You're right, I would still want a red or gold with PH, but I keep thinking about resale too! Yikes.
  5. Hold out for the perfect one.....bag, shoes, men......
  6. I think it's great to find someone who understands your interest. Hey, maybe he can be your Bag Buddy!!!:nuts: Please posts pics that he took when he come back, i love seeing those store displays!

    As for resale, seriously don't buy a bag thinking of the possibility of resale. I have been down that road before (and am still doing it due to impulse buys) and it's STRESSFUL! It's very stressful to resell things that you don't want just to fund what you want. You will really save yourself a lot of heartache and stress by holding out for what you want.
  7. This pretty much sums it up.
  8. ^^ hehehe..

    I agree with what's been said. If you turned them down, you obviously were not feeling it. Kwim? And you had your heart set on those reds you mentioned. Oh and I second what Kou said about reselling too. I reckon it would really not be worth your while plus the stress involved would drive you up the wall. But oh, did u say Gold on gold Birkin?? Lol! I think that is the dream bag of a number of gals here!!
  9. Wow! Your supervisor was offered two of the most popular colors? Just like that? Is he ummm, really good looking? :P I swear, men have it so much easier when it comes to Hermes.

    I don't think I could have resisted a gold on gold, but since you have your heart set on a RED birkin, I think you made the right decision!
  10. I think you made the right decision! Because you really want your red one, so just wait, it will come to you.
  11. tweetie, I have a gold with PH. And I love it. But I also gold with gold hardware is also gorgeous.
  12. What a great supervisor! :nuts:

    Tweetie, both the Gold and BJ are great colors! Do you plan to get more than 1 birkin? If so, I think you should seriously consider getting one of them (the Gold or BJ i mean). If not, & if your heart is set on a Rouge H/VIF/red...then don't settle for less. HTH! :flowers:
  13. You said it all......:yes:
  14. ^ditto!!! :smile:
  15. Don't stress and don't be sad. I know if you really wanted one of those choices you would have grabbed one. I think it is a perfect time now to double check what you really want and be ready to grab it when it comes along.

    Your bag will come!