having second thoughts about my decolletes...please help!

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  1. hi ladies!!!

    so i bought my patent decollettes about 1 month ago but i havent worn it out yet cuz for some reason, it just doesnt look that nice on me! i mean i think its a pretty shoe but u know how some shoes just make ur legs look nicer...for some reason the decollette didnt do it for me...i know its probably everyone's favorite black classic shoe from CL but im thinking if i should try something else...

    any other options? (i already have the pigalle) what about the declic? altho do they only come in suede? i still prefer a black patent one if possible. thanks so much for your help!! i need to decide soon since my return date is almost here!
  2. Is it the shape of the front? Ron rons are nice too.
  3. are you sure it actually doesn't look nice and you're not just being paranoid? i find it so hard to imagine them not suiting anyone!

    there's the simples/new simples as well.. those are completely different so maybe they'll suit you better..
  4. you should try the clichy or declic or ron ron, if you are worried about appearance. i think the decolletes are very sexy, so my only concern would be whether or not they fit properly and feel comfortable. but if you don't feel comfortable in them, try the clichy, declic, or ron ron.
  5. Post a piccie and we can help decide if they look good or not!!!

    For me personally, i prefer Declic's and Ron Ron's. Decollettes are pretty but i didnt like them on my foot when i tried a pair on.
  6. All that really matters is what you think - if you don't like them on you, you should return. Declics, ron rons, and clichys are all a good idea, although the declics only come in black leather, not patent. Ron Rons and Clichys both come in patent, though. You could also consider the decoltissimo, which is more of a true pointy-toe.
  7. thanks ladies! ill try to post pics tonight!

    do you guys know where i might be able to find black clichys and declics? i see ron rons online but not the rest in leather or black patent. THANKS!!!
  8. black clichys are boutique only. you can have peter do a search to find black leather declics for you otherwise they have the suede in almost every store.
  9. You can find the Declics at Saks. Only boutiques carry the clichy.
  10. if you want black patent, I think you should go with the Ron Rons. Declics don't come in patent, and I think black patent Clichys are harder to find. I may be wrong though.
  11. thanks guys!!! it hink the ron ron is a no no for me (haha i didnt mean to rhyme on purpose!!) cuz id prefer a more pointed/round toe!

    can anyone tell me the difference between the declic and the clinchy tho?!?! they look so similar on all the pics (or maybe im just blind)!!! thanks!!
  12. Post pics, I bet they look fabulous! But if you don't feel it, then you don't feel it. I really like how the Ron Ron looks as an alternative!
  13. Clichys and Declics have a round ish toe, too.

    If you want pointy toe, there's Decoltissimo, Pigalle, Piaf... and I'm sure there are others I can't think of right now.
  14. Since you have the pigalle which is quite pointed and you find that suits you well, you might want to try, as rilokiley suggests, the other pointed toe options rather than the clichy/declic. How about Helmuts? Sharka's a nice too - I had a pair of nude patent ones that were very flattering.
  15. thanks for all your inputs! i actually dont want anything too pointed so i prefer a rounder toe...but not something like a simple which is too round for me...so i think the decollette/clichy/declic seem to have that round/pointy mix! haha sorry if im not making sense...

    i still cant quite see the difference between clichy and declic tho...if anyone can help id really appreciate it!!! and clichy is only sold in stores right?? thank you :biggrin:!