Having second thoughts about my BI Twiggy.

  1. Hi again every one
    After waiting for my BI Twiggy for a long time i finally got it yesterday from BalNY. For those who sent me a congradulation notes i thank you again. :flowers: But after thinking about the color for long hours last night i just decided it is not for me and i am having second thoughts about returning it back to BalNY.:sad: I have to do this by Monday because i only have ten days to exchange or return. I just wanted to ask all the gals who have this color: Did you feel the same way as i did when you saw yours or is it just me?:wondering i was expecting a more vibrant color but it is little to dull for me. Your expert oponion is appreciated.:love:
    IMG_1583 (3).JPG IMG_1582 (2).JPG
  2. i returned my first... but not because i dont like the color, but because i dont like the leather.
  3. Bal NY only does exchange or store credit. There is no refund.
  4. Ohhh Nanaz .... I'm so sorry for this BEAUTY :crybaby: !! I looks soooooooo beautiful on your pics - unfortunately I've not seen this color in real yet, so I can't tell you 'my opinion' about the color. Hope you'll find the right decision :flowers: :love:
  5. it's so pretty though!!!! but it's really up to you and if you feel like it's right.
  6. I think the leather/color combination on your twiggy is GORGEOUS! However, it surprises me that this is one of the fall colors as it definitely would be perfect for spring or summer.

    Of course if you live in LA or a warm climate it would be great year round.
  7. I love my leather, my SA did a wonderful job. It is just the color that is not what i expected to be. In some of the pics on PF it looked brighter but not in person. What did you end up exchanging it with any way?:flowers:
  8. I think IF you like blue, that BI is a beautiful color. Most of the year, I don't wear a lot of jeans and dark colors due to the climate so I don't think I would get that much use out of the BI, although I am still not 100% sure that I won't get one. The pictures look so different, some look dark, some look light, I want to see this one in person before I get it. I also think that it would be much prettier with silver hardware. I don't see why Balenciaga can't do both colors and let people choose. It's not like it would be that difficult. :shrugs:
    Sooooo if you wear colors that work with BI and you like it, keep it. If you are disappointed with the color, send it back, get another or save the credit for a spring bag. I think maybe some of the spring colors will be more vibrant.
    pssst *the Twiggy is gorgeous in the white* :graucho:
  9. I saw the colour in person, although in First and Work, and that convinced me I wanted a BI Twiggy. In fact, the FedEx courier tried delivering it earlier today but I was out, so I will have to wait until next week. I love the colour.
  10. Why dont you list it on ebay maybe? With the looong waiting lists, there may be someone who didnt make the waiting lists that may want it. The leather looks incredible.
  11. If you've played with enough to know that you don't like it and it doesn't blend well with what you wear, it must go back! Good luck with your decision!
  12. another BI first. apparently, along with the twiggy shipment they got some more firsts. so we'll see if this one has good leather.
  13. i dont think they have long waiting list for twiggy because when i returned my first, the SA offered me to get into the list for twiggy and she assured me she can get me one. there is however a long list for the city.
  14. Thank you all for your responses. I just made up my mind and the Twiggy is definitely going back to BalNY on Monday. I decided to exchanging it with Blueberry or Ink Day and i think i will be very happy with either one of these colors. :yes: Better match with my closet. :wlae:
  15. hey Nanaz - I'm sorry to hear that you're giving up your BI Twiggy! she's a really nice shade of blue! I'm glad you're happy with your new CITY!
    PS, blueberry is so YUMMY!!!