Having second thoughts about Anthra & leaning more towards a blue color..

  1. So of course I am the most indecisive person ever. :cursing: Anthracite has greenish undertones, right? Marine is more a navy, and Ink has purple-blue undertones? Now I'm leaning towards maybe Marine or a Bleu Glacier color. I wish they had a true dark grey this season. :shrugs:
  2. I think Anthra can have either blue or green undertones. Ink is def. purple-blue!

    Off the subject, is your pup a Toy Fox Terrier. He looks like my little Ravioli, who is a Toy Fox. We call him Ravi for short.
  3. OK, so now I'm stuck b/c Anthra and Marine..oy. :rolleyes:

    My girl Sophie is actually a Rat terrier, but my best friend has a Toy Fox terrier and they are almost IDENTICAL. All those terrier breeds are so closely related though. My parents have my Jack Russell that they stole from me when I went to college so we have quite the herd.
  4. Yeah, Rat, Toy Fox, and Jack Russell Terriers all look alike. Sophie is adorable!!!

    Anyhow, can't wait to see what you end up with. Make sure to post pics. =)
  5. Well, maybe you should get the bleu glacier this season and get plomb this fall since that might be more of a true charcoal.
  6. Marine is a gorgeous blue.:graucho:
  7. I looove Bleu Glacier. AR sent me a GORGEOUS picture of a city :drool: I would have gotten it, but I wanted a more "wear with everything/anything" color.
  8. Honestly, my new anthra GH work is charcoal grey. I don't see any teal or green in it. Sometimes in the shade it looks darker with a hint of midnight blue. But overall it's a graphite color.
  9. hhmmm, I might just have to order Anthra, Marine, Bleu Glacier, and Sandstone and see which one I like best. I just have to remind myself I can't keep them all!:nuts:
  10. You may want to do that, if you can't shop in person. I've had 2 anthracites and I'm convinced that they are different. For awhile, I kept thinking it was the GH but it's not. Each bag is truly unique.
  11. I categorize anthra as a blue, actually. It is a deep blue-gray. Which is great because I love my blue Bal bags. It only looks green in certain lighting. Most all the time it's deep blue-gray looking.