Having regrets!!!

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  1. I sent my Dark Gray MAB back to Endless, DH shipped it yesterday and now I am thinking I should have kept the MAB instead of the MAM! AHHH!

    I wonder if I call them and explain the situation, if they would cancel the return and ship her back to me? I am an idiot. So indecisive!!!
  2. You could always call them and give it a try. But my guess is that they will say to just reorder when it pops back up in their inventory.

    Good luck!
  3. Why are you having regrets? I have them all the time, so I understand. Are you worried about the size of the MAM vs MAB? Is it the color? Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought you said you were sending both dark grays back to get a lighter gray?
  4. No, I am. But I am just worried about the size of the light gray MAM. I don't know. I feel like the if MaM was just a bit bigger, but still smaller than the MAB it would be perfect.
  5. Size is so subjective that it is hard to say. I am carrying my MAM today for the first time and it feels big to me. In fact, I have the dust bag folded up inside of it and I still have extra room. GL!
  6. im 5'2 and the mab just felt like luggage/carry-on/duffel bag to me.
  7. That's so true. The MAM is the biggest bag I've carried. (I'm carrying a MAM for the first time today too :biggrin:). It feels huge.
  8. I like bigger bags, and I think both the MAM and the MAB are well sized, depending on your needs. Without the stuffing, the MAB doesn't look as big as it is.