Having problems......

  1. Okay, I love Madeline....

    or at least I thought I did....and I just wanna say, that I don't want to take it back or sell it or anything, but I just want to know HOW I can get that stupid bow to stop getting messy looking. It's ruining the whole look of the bag! I took it out for the first time today for it's first "long day" spin....and the bow got all slumpy and slouchy and messy looking.....it really bummed me out.....any ideas on how to keep the bow nice while I'm carrying the bag? Errr....


    Plus I'm worried that this bag is plain....I love the structure of it though. Errr...oh well. I just wanted to come to my favorite place to rant because you guys always know how to make me feel better.
  2. How about adding a flower or other charm to it ?
  3. oh I'm sorry. :tdown: Hmm the only thing I can think of is pressing it with starch and I doubt that will do the scarf very good. :rolleyes:
  4. [​IMG] Like this ....
  5. I could do that, Bag Fetish...I have a cute pink flower Coach keyfob...that would go I think
  6. that flower does look really cute with it! :tup: I guess you may just have to deal with the scarf going limp, since it is smaller? good luck! :tup:
  7. I think you're having a problem with the bow because it's slippery and so it doesn't want to stay tied tightly. Is it possible to tie it and then use a small safety pin on the back of the bow to keep it tied? I do this all the time with a couple of suit coats that I have with belt ties around the waist. It keeps the belt tied and nobody ever sees it!
  8. Maybe if you take it off and tie it and stick it with a little safety pin. Then put a little elastic around the safety pin and attach it to the bag that way. I dunno...jus a lil idea
  9. Oh.....look how nice kimmie's looks......Kimmie, where ever you are....do can you tell me, how did you tie your bow so nicely? And how do you keep it from going limp and getting messy.
  10. HAHAHA I just said the same thing! Great Coach minds think alike!
  11. That's a great idea! Thanks, yes, the scarf itself is slippery and keeps getting loose....:sad:
  12. :yes: thanks, ash!
  13. Maybe you could take it to a boutique and they could re-tie it for you.....??? oh wait, they might REFUSE to even tie it, since it's been used lol
  14. Hmm, Im trying to think of something to help you! I put ponytail scarves on pretty much all of my bags and they stay fairly well. I do iron them really good first, then tie them on. Is it because the stitch that is holding the already tied bow to the bag is loose? Maybe like someone said you could put a little pin on the underside from the stitch to the bow to hold it better? Those bows are smaller than ponytail scarves, so I dont know if it would work to retie the bow onto the handle, would it? The scarf is my favorite thing about the Madelines!
  15. haha!!! lol....I'm sorry you had such a rough time at your boutique today.....the people of Coach have been..........a little off lately. :push: And that's crazy caz they KNOW you there....ugh!

    I don't live near a boutique at all, but I'm going home this week, maybe my mom will tie it, she's good at tying bows. LOL! Guess I never thought it would be so hard to tie a stupid bow:cursing: