having problems with a seller...

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  1. I recently bid on a bag on eBay. This was before I found this wonderful site and learned soooo much!!! I won the item. I posted the pics of the bag in the Auth this coach thread. The ladies there told me that it is a fake bag and not to pay for it! I agreed that the seller was not going to get a dime from me. I contacted the seller and told her so... now I am getting emails from her that are far from nice, and she won't back off!!! here is an example...

    [​IMG] [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Is that what you do when you realize you dont have the money to pay for something? Say it's fake? It has a authentic number in it. I don't make a habbit out of selling bad stuff. I believe that would be called FRAUD! You really dont need to bid on eBay if you cant pay for stuff.

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of this chick? :wacko:
  2. Report her to eBay as a non-performing seller. You need to be completely sure it is a fake before you do this. Why did the Coach people think it was a fake?

    Also, might not be a bad idea to post the number here. I believe the bag can still be reported as a fake even once the auction ends.

    Any idea from her feedback whether she has done this before?
  3. Quote:
    Originally Posted by aemmy [​IMG]
    okay... so I bid on a bag last week, before I found THIS site and learned a boat load of great info.... I refuse to pay for it, the seller still claims that it is authentic. I say noooo it isn't. I thought i would bring it here and see what the experts think...


    she also gave me this as the serial number... [FONT=Arial, Verdana]N0K04S-1417, no it does not match up in the drilldown.. [/FONT]

    No, that's not authentic. Don't pay for it! The signature fabric looks really bad and the trim looks like pleather. And, like you said, the drilldown photo is for a leather duffle. I am so glad you posted here before you paid! [​IMG]

    above is my original post in the auth this coach thread. this is the link to the listing...http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330152862021&sspagename=ADME:L:RTQ:US:1

    she has 100% feedback.
  4. eh, i would risk the negative and tell her that you refuse to pay. also let ebay know that she is selling fakes. that price is low though. if you want, you can pay, get the bag, send it back, and file a SNAD with paypal saying it is fake. they will side with you, give you all the $$ back. it takes time, and you will lose the shipping on sending it back.
    personally though, i wouldn't pay.,..
  5. Yeh, pay for your bag....or get a written statement from a professional person, such as a store that sells these types of bags, or the company itself. If you obtain that, then file a claim with pay-pal or ebay and report her, but as a seller that just got put through the ringer yesterday over a similar situation, ebay will not allow a forum such as this as "evidence" that this bag is fake. Get written documentation from a professional, or pay for your bag.
  6. You can refuse to pay for it on grounds that is is fake.

    This happened to me once and the seller gave me two strikes.

    I then appealed the strikes and ebay removed them.

    It was the nicest thing they have ever done for me!
  7. Or you can also have it authenticated via pictures and get a statement from CarolDiva (www.caroldiva.com) then provide that statement to paypal during your appeal.
  8. I would pay the amount via PayPal, have Carol Diva authenticate it and file the dispute w/ PayPal. You do the right thing and then let her bear the burden of having done the wrong thing.
  9. i've had this done before as well. i bid on a juicy dress on a whim, only to do further research and realize the person HAD to have been selling fakes. their juicy stuff was all of the standard crap sold on ioffer, along with abercrombie and hollister crap (all fake). the seller got all pissy and filed a NPB alert and i figured, fine, who cares. the rest of my feedback is stellar.

    when ebay contacted me, i explained my side, only to have them remove the NPB alert within an hour or so. :wlae:

    i wouldn't pay for it...go ahead and contact ebay about it, so nothing appears shady. as far as paying/sending it back/doing a chargeback/dealing with paypal...forget that. i don't have the time or desire to deal with that and much rather take a hit if i know it's fake.
  10. You just have more grounds to stand on when you do pay it and go through the appeals process generally. PayPal can be more proactive than Ebay is sometimes.
  11. thanks for all of your advice. I decided to go back and forth with this seller. finally after telling her how I knew it was a fake, she wrote and said "you don't have to worry about it anymore". I guess she figured that I knew for sure it was not authentic, and gave up. So far no neg feedback, but I am expecting it. Once it happens I will respond that she is selling fake bags... and be done with it.

    I also let ebay know what was going on, and blocked the seller...
  12. I am glad this has reached resolution for you. I hope you don't receive negative feedback but, if you do, you will be able to respond with a factual statement as to why the transaction didn't happen which will put the feedback in context. Don't worry too much and enjoy the sense of release from this horrid experience!
  13. Well that's good...but if she DOES leave you a neg. you can contest it I believe. She has to agree to remove it though. I hope she actually found out that it's fake and won't leave you a negative for it though.
  14. I am more concerned that she is going to re-list it, then I am about the neg feedback! I don't want anyone else to have to deal with her!
  15. ^^ I agree with you and, I know others will think this is daft, I reckon I would leave honest (i.e. negative) feedback anyway to warn others. I know I am a bit boring on this point, but I don't feel I can come here and complain about fakes, dishonesty etc on Ebay and then stay silent thereby directly facilitating the continued sale of counterfeit bags and harm to innocent buyers. I realise that sounds seriously pompous, but I am very uncomfortable with simply 'doing nothing'. It might protect my 'reputation' and feedback score on Ebay but if I know something this significant, I feel I have to act.