Having problems getting in touch with label360

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  1. Has anyone else had a problem getting a person on the phone at 360?
    I have been calling for the past 3 days and get get anyone on the phone. I already know my amex has been charged but I want to know when the bag will ship out.
  2. try doing Live Chat instead? usually someone's there at this time...
  3. I called them and left a voicemail, plus emailed the site twice. never got a response. they lost a potential customer!
  4. Call the number, then press 0, and then wait to get transferred to an operator. HTH!
  5. I just called seconds ago. Make sure you press 0 when you are connected
  6. I never call, I always use livechat during business hours and get a response from Elise within 30 seconds, its awesome! (plus I can contine tPFing while I'm on hehehhe)
  7. i just tried it right now. it IS awesome!!
  8. i finally got a person on the phone i think they were just very busy. she was very nice and just asked me my name and remembered who i was from the other day and told me my mam tangerine should be in my hands by friday!
  9. ^^yes labels great! I love them!