Having problem with www.mypoupette.com.What should I do?

  1. Yikes! Mypoupette used to be *the* authentication service and now they are like this??? I wouldn't have had the patience to wait SIX months on a book. I would politely ask for your money back and take your business elsewhere (to Carol, who used to work for MP)
  2. Yes..its terrible right? *Sigh*. Juzt because of I did not know what should I do next? So I juzt kept email to them to ask for sending the book to me. I also asked them to give my money back but they never replied. And at that time I did not know how to raise my issue in Purse Forum so someone can help me with useful advise....Wat a terrible situation I had with mypoupette. Thanks for your information about Carol. I just emailed to her and asked for checking one of my items. Tks
  3. winnie_cutie defintely call your credit card company and file a transaction dispute for services never received. I had no idea mypoupette services were this questionable and unreliable. Based on the feedback on this thread, there is just no way i would even bother contacting them for any of their services.
  4. I've had the same thing happen. My Poupette directed me to The Finer Designer, and I received payment confirmations from The Finer Designer (and they charged my credit card for the transaction) but they never provided an authentication. Their website says you're entitled to a refund if you don't receive a timely confirmation. I'm going to request a refund, but I'm not holding my breath that I'll hear anything from them.
  5. Has anyone got the phone number for The Finer Designer or My Poupette.com please??
  6. This sucks... why are they still in business????
  7. I requested a written statement from them because I got fake CLs from eBay but have heard nothing for a week. They were quick to charge me $75 though. Wish I had read this thread sooner. Has anyone got a number for them?
  8. Dispute it on your CC and go to Caroldiva.com she is the BEST!!! Super quick too.

  9. Agree here and dispute the cc charge..if you contact caroldiva

    hope this works out for you.. good luck
  10. the most annoying thing is eBay uses and expects us to use them !! given the time frames they work too surely this is unacceptable !
  11. mypoupette is awful...They took my $$ and I never received the service I paid for!
  12. same thing happened to me. i just paid last dec. 4 for a 3 day authentication. and NADA!!!!
  13. My goodness....I am one of mypoupette's victim! I paid for a 2 day authentication....and nothing! I should have googled their reviews before paying $35.
  14. Maybe you could e-mail Angie Houston directly (she is the founder of My Poupette)
    Her e-mail is: angie@mypoupette.com
  15. Not weird at all ;) - mypoupette is known for bad service -- you'd think they would shape up after so many people have complained but I guess not...

    Infact if you do a search here it's not just bad service - it's down right stealing and FRAUD!