Having problem and cannot reach the seller

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  1. I'm panicing here and dont know what to do:crybaby:

    I purchased a python handbag (chloe silverado) from eBay from a US seller, and I made a bad mistake as I didn't know it's against some Europian Union law to receive exotic skin item from outside of the EU area. So this whole mess is my fault:s

    The customs of my country (Finland) opened the box and they weren't happy when they realized the item is made of python. I got talked them over to ship it back to seller, and right after I got home I e-mailed the seller and explained the situation. I apologized her because again; this is all my fault, and asked if she could give me a partial refund once she recieves the item. This customs episode happened last weeks thursday and that was when I emailed her.
    She didn't respond at all and now finally today she sent me a message and asked if I ever recieved my item - obviously she didn't get my e-mail. I sent here several messages (explaining the whole mess again) via both email and eBay messages. Now later today she sent me this message;

    i am not sure what is going on but the chloe came back to me from the post office today. i will find out why it wasn't sent to you already and get it sent to you one way or another. thanks xxxxx

    I'm panicing here because if she sends it again this time the customs might just keep the bag or destroy it.

    I requested her contact information from eBay and got a phone number, called there but there's an answering machine and it seems to be some man's phone number. The one I've been dealing with is a woman but the account is on that man's name so he's propably her partner. I left a message there and tried to explain I'm trying to reach this woman and left my phone number and explained I'm a woman who purchased a bag from xxxxx from ebay and the customs of my country wont let me have the bag and it shoudn't be shipped back here... and then "beep" and the time was out. My spoken english is not that good so I hope they understood what I was trying to say...

    What should I do...?:crybaby: I have never had any troubles on ebay so I truly dont know if there's something I should do. I contacted ebay support and explained everything and asked if they could contact her but they're slow in responding and I'm worried if she ships the bag back here...

    I'm really sad as I should have asked the customs if there would be any problems with this item before I purchased it... the seller has done nothing wrong but seems to be impossible to reach.

    Thanks for listening and sorry for a long post. All advices are are highly appreciated!
  2. Make sure you are emailing her through ebay not through an email- sometimes i dont check my hotmail just my ebay!
    What is her seller id?
  3. ^Agree. She should at least be receiving your messages through ebay. It is strange that she has not been receiving them. I would wait a day and see if she returns your message or emails you about it. Otherwise I would try calling again.
  4. Ok now I finally reached the man who's phone number I got from ebay, and he promised to tell my message on. He also gave me a phone number to this woman/seller but the number seems not to be working... it says it's not in use?
    I just feel uncomfortable because I was hoping I could get a chance to communicate with this seller and explain and apologize.... But I hope the man I spoke to forwards my message and she wont send the bag again
  5. So the seller does not live at that number?
  6. Oh and I've emailed and sent messages via email message system both but she doesn't seem to receive neither of them.

    Thanks for support!:flowers: ....You know I feel so helpless because I've never had any problems on ebay, I really dont know how to solve this kind of problems... but this forum is the best!
  7. The bag is definately authentic- yes??

    They dont want it not returned do they!-
  8. As well how did you pay? The item was $1000 paypal coverage on this item is only $200!
  9. I paid with paypal - I thought it's 100% safe but obviously it's not, I didn't realize that paypal's coverage thing omg...!! :wtf:
    Does that mean 200$ is all I can get back if things wont go nicely..?

    Now that man who I spoked with promised to forward my message, and I explained him I'm just hoping for a partial refund, I want to pay all shipping and listing fees because I'm the one who caused this mess - if I wont get a refund in 24 hours should I then just file a claim with paypal (and get my 200$...)

    What would be wisest..?
  10. I have been on Goofbay to check her old feedback and the negatives she had are from ages ago for clothes taking to long and not being sent out!

    I dont know what else to advise!
  11. Did you pay with paypal funds or credit card?

    Dont worry - u'll be able to sort something out!
  12. Her feedback is quite good then, nothing that bad... maybe I should just wait one day if she refunds me..?
    Thanks Designermummy you've been great help!:flowers:
  13. Designermommy I paid with credit card (visa) via paypal.
  14. Just bare in mind currently she has your bag and your cash!