Having our Annual "Lonely Jews At Xmas Party"This Sunday


I Feel Pretty!
Jan 13, 2006
So excited! All our friends and their kids come over and my husband cooks an amazing feast, with cosmos flowing like a river. Mike is like a gourmet chef while I can't cook to save my life. I'm in charge of the set up, decorations and clean up so I'm not totally useless (well, I sort of am).
So much fun!

Have to share his menu w/ you guys:

Before the feast-

Cambozola blue cheese
black olive tapenade w/ grilled french bread
Spinach artichoke dip in a bread bowl
Home rolled sushi 4 ways

For dinner:

Brined roasted turkey w/ bagel stuffing and cranberry compote
Braised beef brisket w/ chipotle glaze
Baked eggplant lasagna w/ roasted garlic
The world's best Mac & cheese (all the kids insist he make it)
Chile rellenos stuffed w/ cremini mushrroms, goat cheese baby spinach, and pine nuts
Exotic mushroom pudding

Mike's famous Pumpkin cheesecake w/ pecan crust and caramel sauce
OMG!!! That is some amazing spread!:drool: And, cosmos are my new favorite drink too.

Hey-you better watch out girl-I know where you live and I can be there in an hour.

Hmm.........think the traffic from Brooklyn to Long Island would be bad Christmas Eve? :P
I just came back to read this again-because I am starving! LOL This is being catered-right?

Don't tell me your husband is making all of this-because, i will be coming to the party-but, for your hubby-not the food :graucho: