Having our Annual "Lonely Jews At Xmas Party"This Sunday

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  1. So excited! All our friends and their kids come over and my husband cooks an amazing feast, with cosmos flowing like a river. Mike is like a gourmet chef while I can't cook to save my life. I'm in charge of the set up, decorations and clean up so I'm not totally useless (well, I sort of am).
    So much fun!

    Have to share his menu w/ you guys:

    Before the feast-

    Cambozola blue cheese
    black olive tapenade w/ grilled french bread
    Spinach artichoke dip in a bread bowl
    Home rolled sushi 4 ways

    For dinner:

    Brined roasted turkey w/ bagel stuffing and cranberry compote
    Braised beef brisket w/ chipotle glaze
    Baked eggplant lasagna w/ roasted garlic
    The world's best Mac & cheese (all the kids insist he make it)
    Chile rellenos stuffed w/ cremini mushrroms, goat cheese baby spinach, and pine nuts
    Exotic mushroom pudding

    Mike's famous Pumpkin cheesecake w/ pecan crust and caramel sauce
  2. OMG!!! That is some amazing spread!:drool: And, cosmos are my new favorite drink too.

    Hey-you better watch out girl-I know where you live and I can be there in an hour.

    Hmm.........think the traffic from Brooklyn to Long Island would be bad Christmas Eve? :P
  3. You're always welcome Denise...My dh goes a little crazy but we think of it as out holiday gift to our friends. So fun and fattening!
  4. Yummy! Sounds like a great time.
  5. I just came back to read this again-because I am starving! LOL This is being catered-right?

    Don't tell me your husband is making all of this-because, i will be coming to the party-but, for your hubby-not the food :graucho:
  6. My husband cooks every last thing, Nishi!! He is amazing! now if he only liked bags!

  7. OMG! he does? Wow-hang on to that man! My husband the other night got home late from tennis and was going to microwave himself a frozen dinner-I swear-he had to ask me for help!!

    Enjoy your party!
  8. OK..what time is dinner???ROFLMAO!?

    Id probably die of shock if PHH ever cooked anything other than toast...LMAO!
  9. Your husband can make toast? :huh:
  10. ^I meant to say BURNT toast..ROFLMAO
  11. Send your DH down my way--that's a feast he's planning to prepare! Making me hungry, darn.
  12. I know,all my friends and their husbands wish they were married to him!! I'm the one who can barely make toast!