Having MOCA second thoughts...


Which bag?

  1. Vernis houston or brentwood

  2. Damier azur saleya

  3. Mc aurelia

  4. MOCA neverfull

  5. Other, suggested in thread

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  1. Well, I dont know if any you knew, but I ordered a blue and green epi noe off of eBay, and it got lost in the mail. The seller issued a prompt refund, and I have been all set to go to MOCA to get my neverfull.

    Now I am having secong thoughts! It is a cute bag, and super limited, but I already have a neverfull! Is there something else I should get?
    I have a budget of about 1200 USD that can be stretched

    I have been eyeing a vernis Houston (or brentwood), a damier azur saleya, and a mc aurelia,
    ( a little pricey though...) or should I get the neverfull?

    Also, i have a really random question, but is it too late for me to waitlist the silver miroir heart coin purse?
  2. brigette :smile:

    i would get maybe the Vernis Houston or an azur speedy, and then have some money left :smile:

    I wouldnt get the neverfull cause you already have one :smile:
  3. ok, um. where did my poll go?

    EDIT: never mind! it was gone for a minute or two!
    silly me!
  4. also i dont think its too late to waitlist for the mirror couer :smile:
  5. wow! that was a fast response! lol i have been eyeing that vernis houston for a while, but the thing is, another person at my school has it! and i really dont wanna be a bag stealer. maybe i wont get amarante...
  6. lol. if theres any word to descirbe me, it would be a bag stealer (i steal alotta ideas from Y-O-U)


    maybe the azur speedy and a wallet?
  7. I voted for the Brentwood since I have a Houston and I love it. If you already have a Neverfull chose something else.
  8. I would get something in amarante---it is just such a stunning color. Who care is someone else has the same bag???? I mean how many people have a Speedy???? If you love the bag get it.
  9. Get the Vernis houston it's soooo pretty!
    If you already have the Neverfull theres not much point in getting another one unless you where planning on getting a different size.
    Good luck with your decision !
  10. well, i stole the bandeau from you! :p
  11. ~Go to MOCA and get the LE Neverfull. Sell your current Neverfull-you shouldn't have any problems because it's still very popular. I have the LE NF and I LOVE it!! Get it:tup::tup::tup::tup::yes:~
  12. You could just go to MOCA and decide for yourself, who knows it could be the one for you! OR you could get the MOCA agenda! that is limited and cute too!
  13. ^ i was considering that, but i think its too much to pay for an agenda...
  14. I would get the moca now.
  15. I would get the MOCA neverful, I really like LE items they are more special to me.