Having Matching Issues!

  1. As you all know (since I keep asking questions about it!lol) I ordered a Large Carly in Khaki/Saddle and it has the purple interior (I've only seen it online so I'm not sure how purple it really is) and am having a terrible time deciding how to match things with it. I have a khaki signature wallet with the tobacco leather and also the Chelsea Signature Wristlet in Khaki/tobacco.

    My checkbook cover and camera case are Vera Bradley in the Pink Bermuda.
    *sigh* and I'm just having the hardest time deciding if I want to get a different wristlet to go with it, or a mini-skinny...I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tattersall Pattern, and would love to get some stuff with that patten.

    I guess the only thing I don't want to replace is my wallet because I love it...and would like to work around the pink in the Vera items...

    So any recomendations would be awesome! :shame:
  2. I can't quite picture all your accessories but I'm wondering how a bleecker capacity wristlet would look with what you have already? Do you have an outlet nearby? Bleecker accessories are showing up at the outlets right now and you might find something there that will work. Then you'll have a little bit of tattersall in your collection! Sorry I'm not super helpful!
  3. I actually have an outlet right down the street:graucho: Lucky me I know!

    poop. Called my outlet and they don't have either.
  4. How much can you spend ? I really like the legacy leather french framed purse wallets in whiskey. I think that would be very versatile