Having Louis Vuitton accesoires = gay?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am an 19 year old boy from Germany.... My mother is very involved in Designer brands - their clothes and bags.... it started when I was 14, when she gave me a Louis Vuitton Keepall for my birthday.... Since that I just adore Designer things, especially Louis Vuitton "bags"...
    For my 18 I got a Abbesses messenger and now, for my final examinations I got a Louis Vuitton sac bosphore for my Laptop and a Louis Vuitton iPod widescreen case..... In Germany it's kinda weird to have these things, because those very intolerant germans always yell at me "Gay" and "Faq!!"..... but you know, actually I am not gay... Can't I be straight having Louis Vuitton "stuff" (Devil wears Prada would be angry with me for using this word... )????
    I mean I really love it, especially monogram canvas....
    Are they just jealous or do they know more than I do....
    Looking above the fact that it's very intolerant anyway to cry "Gay" or something like that at somebody I was wondering how people all over world handle that.... are man in your country gay having those beautiful things?
    I mean this industry is based, mostly, on gay man.... What would we do without them? Tom Ford, Dolce&Gabbana, they all make great clothes, Lagerfeld, this world would be meaningless without them...... :wtf:
    And then there are these people, that try to look impressive,:supacool: yelling "Gay" at you and wearing a D&G belt at the same time... who do they think they are? Having a problem with homosexuals but wearing their accesoires.....
    Hope you are going to tell me some stories out of your lives.....

    See you soon,

    Rich-and-drunk :p
  2. that is horrible that people would say that:cursing: you know i just bought my boyfriend a damier wallet for his birthday this past april and he loves it... he uses it everyday... he keeps on asking me when im going to buy him his matching belt... and guess what, he is a mechanic... usually people who make those horrible comments are jealous or envious of you... :graucho:
    p.s... welcome to the forum
  3. That's just dumb. It's not that way at all..my dad uses LV accessories and he's FAR from gay. :rolleyes:
  4. Having good taste does not mean "gay". I guess some people are just jealous and ignorant. Anyone can wear designer items. Sexual preference has nothing to do with it.
  5. of course you can be straight and carry LV items. my father has an LV wallet and i'm sure if he traveled enough he'd probably have some taiga bags.

    i wouldn't let some closed minded people deter you from enjoying a brand you love.
  6. I know a lot of straight males who rock LV. Who cares what those idiots think. They're probably just mad because they aren't as fashionable as you. ;)
  7. I am pretty sure that having romantic feelings for someone of the same gender is what = gay.
  8. Okay, you love LV accessories, have seen The Devil Wears Prada and you are straight? LOL Kidding! But what's really so bad about being called gay? I LOVE gay men. I mean c'mon women get naked in front of their gay male friends with no FEAR! LOL I know I have. What could be better for a straight man!?!

    Anyway, that's soooo HOT that you enjoy those things! More straight men should be like you! I think it's incredibly sexy to see a man carrying LV, I love men who take care of themselves and my Dh does both of those.
  9. *Remembers to wear rock lots of LV next time we hang out* :lol: :graucho::
  10. I am in exactly the same boat, brought up in a designer world, my whole family wears designers, and I used to have the same comments etc when I was at school and stuff but now I'm like whatever, I know the truth and so why should I care, I'm lucky enough to have it.
    or the snobbier version but makes you feel good and got me over the comments
    "Ah...sorry, but atleast I can afford it"
    Dont worry about them, tonnes of straight men in the public eye wear designers, David Beckham and he's a soccer player...
  11. Lots of people I know (straight men) wear LV accesories, mostly taiga line. They combined it with professional suit and i found that all of them looked fantastic. Mind you i'm working in a very conservative environment.

    Maybe the situation in your place (since you were only 19) is bit different. I mean I can understand why other guy in your age will not into LV like yourself, but it doesnt give them any excuse to judge/yell at you like that.

    So... I probably dont call them jealous, i just called them immature, ignorant or plain mean. Dont listen to them, it's not worth your time.
  12. LV bags don't make one gay, wanting to kiss boys does :yes:

  13. Uhhh okay?

    My boyfriends owns an LV tie and I plan on getting him a Damier wallet for his birthday this year, so does that make him gay? Nope.

    Some people just don't get it.
    It's kind of saying a girl with a handheld console is a tomboy. Well, I have a Nintendo DS and I'm anything BUT a tomboy. Haha...well bad comparison but you get the idea.

    Don't listen to them! As long as you love your LV, who cares what those people think, right? ;)
  14. geez, people are stupid. i would to know how people define "gay" because it's quite obvious we are not using the same dictionary...

    rock that lv!
  15. I have to deal with that all the time, but at the end of the day when you know the truth about yourself that's all that really matters. It's what makes you happy, not what makes other happy so forget them all and just live YOUR life is what I say.
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