Having Kids 7 yrs. apart?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    DH and I are kicking around the idea of having another child. Our wonderful daughter just turned 7 and is in the 2nd grade. We had always intended on having just 1 child and are a very happy family, but I'm not sure what's gotten into us. Maybe it's just a phase, but DH has never had a "phase".
    My question for you gals is do you think it's too far of an age gap? My daughter has asked me for a baby since she was 3, so I know she'd be happy. It's a hard decision to make. Do any of you ladies have kids w/ a large age gap??? Thanks.:flowers:
  2. Mine are 6 years apart and it's AWESOME! It really was a blessing! The oldest helps me out big time. He gets bottles, feeds the youngest baby food and carries the diaper bag when we go places! LOL

    Plus there is no sibling rivalry. He seriously LOVES his brother and would do anything for him. That's them below!
  3. My sons are 7 years and 2 months apart. It wasn't meant to be that way, but it turned out that way. It's almost like having 2 only children, yet they are siblings. Upside is you have more time for each one since they are in completely different stages of childhood and college costs were more manageable. Downside is the younger one got completely frustrated trying to keep up with his older brother and it wasn't possible. Also as adults they aren't as close as I'd hoped, but that could be the case with any siblings.
  4. My son was seven when I had my daughter almost four years ago. He helped me out so much. That kind of gap has its ups and downs. We decided to have another child so they can be playmates. LOL!! Our girls are now 3 and 2 and my son is 11
  5. Thanks so much for your speedy replies. It's just kind of funny because we never even thought about having another child until now. It's just a little scary because we're such a close knit family and spend so much time together and are so happy, why change that. But, then why not bring another child into a happy family. My friends tell me DH and I just "think" too much about things.
  6. i don't have kids yet but my brother and i are 7 years apart and we grew up just fine. He's in college now and we are still very close. So no worries... :yes:
  7. ^^^^ That's reassuring!!!!
  8. My kids (2 girls) are 8 years apart. It's great. I got to enjoy those 'early' years all over again. My older daughter is a great babysitter too!!
  9. ^^^Thanks, my daughter is such a little "mommy" she'd be delighted to help out w/ a baby sister or brother of her own. I don't really mind "starting over", it just changes everything. But, one thing I didn't have w/ my daughter is my wondeful mother in law living a few blocks away. When my daughter was a baby my MIL was a 4hr. drive away, now she's close by. She's a retired elementary school teacher, so she love being a grandma and would love a new grandbaby to occupy her time. So, hubby and I will have a babysitter whenever we need. That's a plus.
  10. We have 2 age gaps....My oldest son, was 5, almost 6 when we had our middle son, it was another 6, almost 7 years before we had our last son.

    Mostly all positives from our point of view...the older ones are a big help, no double diaper duty, if you work, no double daycare bills. Also, since my oldest son, who is now 18, is a really good kid...it is really nice that my 12 year old who is going through all that pre teen he feels he has someone 'cool' to talk to when mom and dad couldn't possibly understand (of course the 18 year then tells us...so we can subtly talk to him).

    The only negative, for us, is by the time the youngest is 18, we will have been raising children for 30 years...but, then again, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  11. Twinkle.tink, it sounds like you have a great family. Congrats to you and your hubby for raising such a responsible 18 yr. old.
  12. I don't have kids but there is a huge (more than 10 years) age gap between myself and my 2 youngest siblings. While I wasn't always thrilled to help out with the babies, I can see now it must've been a tremendous help to my mother to have us older children lend a hand, however reluctantly.

    My DH has 3 sons who are 12 (twins) and 14. The 14yr-old does not get along with his brothers and seems to have a huge resentment at times about having his life "ruined" by their birth. I realize most of this is teenager drama but the constant bickering does get on my nerves. My point being that perhaps if they were further apart in age they would get along better.

    So have that baby!
  13. I think it depends on the family. Good luck to you.
  14. My sister and I are apx. 6 years apart--I turned 23 in October and she will turn 17 in December.

    It was harder when we were younger bc we had nothing in common...now it is great though! We have so much fun together:smile:
  15. I think it's great, my youngest brother and my third brother has a 7 year age gap too..so far, it's been great, we're quite close, in fact I'm the closest to my youngest brother (age gap of 12 years)
    good luck!