Having items shipped from H stores

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  1. I'm sorry if these questions have been asked already...

    (1) Is it true that when you buy something from H over the phone and have it shipped to a different state, you can only use AmEx to pay for it?? I recently bought a small item from H and the SA told me she could only ship it if I used my AmEx. Just curious...

    (2) Does H waive tax if you're from a different state BUT the state you're from has H store?

    Thank you!! :yes:
  2. I have bought things with a visa...but I don't know for sure...:wondering:

    I don't have any clue about #2 Good luck!
  3. ^^^ Thank you!! I wonder why she "made" me pay with AmEx!
  4. ???I wonder too! Did she say they did not accept other cards? Or did she have a reason?
  5. That's strange she would make you pay with AMEX, since AMEX charges the retailer a higher fee than VISA. I have always paid with Amex, but I'm sure you can pay with Visa. As for #2, if your state has an H store, you will be taxed according to your destination's tax rate. For example, if I buy a bag in NY and have it shipped to NJ, I pay NJ tax of 7%, instead of NY tax. If I have the bag shipped to CT, where there is no H boutique, I do not pay any tax. I hope this helps you.
  6. I was told by Chicago SA today that I need to fill out credit authorization paper if I want to purchase anything over the phone, because I've never shopped with them. She didn't say it has to be Amex though
  7. I used a Visa the one time I did that. Sadly, if there is a boutique in the state where you live, you will pay the sales tax of that state if they are sending to you.

    I think they are wary about sending to absolute strangers. It helps if you had some in personal contact with them at some point in time. I know that is how it worked for me. I thought about the bag so much after I returned home that I called later to buy it and they sent it to me. The SA remembered me so I had no problem. Funny thing is that if I had bought it when I was there, I would have paid less sales tax in the end and no $50 shipping fee. Oh well...
  8. She just said that if I want to have it shipped to me, I have to use AmEx. I didn't really have a problem with that because that's what I would have paid with anyway. But I just wanted to know if that was their policy in case I wanted to pay with a different card next time.
  9. I understand that they would be wary of sending a BIG ticket item to a stranger but I bought a set of Pom-Poms (under $200)! :confused1:
  10. Thank you for your replies everyone! :yes:
  11. I used Amex to purchase an agenda from the Wall Street store -- wasn't charged tax (but then again, there isn't a Hermes store where I live). I did have to sign a release letting them leave the package at my front door w/out a signature.
  12. I heard it depends on each store policies. Wall st. only takes Amex or Marstercard if you are new customer over the phone. Chicago takes Amex, Master, and Visa, but need to fill out the paperwork. Wall st. store SA was really nice, but I only have Visa cards, so I have to go with Chicago or elsewhere......
  13. ^^^Ok, makes sense now!! Thank you!
  14. Ok, received my purchase (Pom-Pom charm for my Kelly!!!) today! They didn't charge me tax...YAY! I thought I'd let everyone know in case anyone wanted to buy something from a different state and was wondering about tax...