Having fun with mom's birkins

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  1. Hi all!! I'm new to the 'Hermes group' but I've been on tpf for quite a while actually I recently just got hooked again, after chatting with one of my friend who is also a tpf member. I'm only in first year university (18 yo) so I don't own any birkins but my mom does...which is good, so in the future i can just use hers :biggrin: my mom said, i can start using her birkins when I start working:yahoo: so around 22 yo?..but I still think that is a bit too young to use a birkin what do you ladies think? :graucho:
    The only Hermes item I use are the enamel bracelets, kelly double tour, twilly, shawls, silk squares, perfume..basically accessories. I'm thinking of trying to persuade my mother to allow me to have an hermes bag that is not as 'obvious' as the kelly or birkin and not priced as high any suggestions?

    I was thinking of GP, picotin or bolide (but bolide is still rather expensive)...fyi, I use longchamp and guccissima leather for school...and for outings, chanel and Lv but i tend to opt for the less logo ones. I like discreet designs and if there is even a small CC clasp i like to face it towards me when I carry it....I'm not into the whole 'look-at-me-':sick: im carrying a LV/chanel thing..which is why I am thinking of getting a durable discreet hermes for everyday outings.

    Just for fun: black togo(i think) 30 birkin with palladium




    my mom likes to buy togo because it is more scratch resistant but she's noticing that it tends to soften up and lose it's structured image, what other leather has that more rigid structure?:smile:
  2. I have to say it.................you look FABULOUS with your mother's Birkin. I think you're smart in getting something for yourself that's not so expensive. I'd like to give you some suggestions which would be a good choice for you, but I am a lover of Birkins and Kellys.........so, I'm no help! :shrugs:
  3. You're way to young, but I'm only saying this because I'm older than you and don't have one.

    No, seriously...if you're old enough to appreciate them and know how lucky you are to be able to afford/obtain one, then you're old enough to carry one. Your mother's touch of promising you one when you graduate is, I think, a thoughtful and appropriate gift. Not to mention, it should make you study hard. Well, it would make ME study hard!

    ...And for a recommended H. style...I recommend the plume or dalvy. Or, frankly, a Kelly pochette. Those are darn hot!

    I think box is stiffer, but I also think the rigidity has more to do with the bag style. The rigide Kellys, with the stitching on the outside, hold their shape no matter what the material.
  4. I agree you look smokin' hawt with that Birkin!

    But if you personally would prefer a more youthful style, how about an Evelyn, a Lindy or a Plume?
  5. Lucky you - I wish my mom had had Hermes bags! The Birkin looks fabulous on you, but I do think you might be a little young for it. Maybe that's because I didn't get one until I was...well, much, much older!!:P
  6. Nice! If I didn´t know your age, I´d say you were in your late 20s early 30s. For suggestions on other styles I´d say the Marwari would be a nice bag on you too.
  7. Love your pic with Ms. B. I think your chic style will look very good in a Lindy !! How about a Blue Jean one ??
  8. Haha, I wish my mom had Hermes. That Birkin looks good on you though.
  9. Welcome to the H sub-forum! :yahoo:

    Honestly, I am not very much older than you, so I think there really is no "appropriate age" to be carrying a Birkin. Looking at your pictures, I think you wear the B very well, and the bag is not wearing you - you definitely carry it with aplomb!

    For a more discreet H bag, I would suggest the Lindy, Victoria or Garden Party. All are fun bags, but the Lindy may not be practical to go to school with, since you may not be able to fit notebooks and all in it.
  10. For something affordable and may fit within your mum's price range as a gift for you, my pick would be a Garden Party.

    For a long-lasting down the road, pick a full-leather garden party. It's great for school, work, shopping, when you're a mum one day w/toddlers or even when you're 80.
  11. I think having Hermes at your age depends on where you live, not just what part of the world, but "where" - dorm? home? If you are in college and living in a dorm or with roommates, I would avoid having anything very valuable there - Longchamps is highly stealable on college campuses, let alone Hermes. I remember that my son had his late grandfather's gorgeous midnight blue cashmere overcoat stolen from his campus apt during a party there. He was devastated. Yes, the insurance covered it, but it wasn't his grandfather's.

    I'd think in terms of asking for a Birkin when you graduate and get your first job and live under circumstances where the risk of "borrowing" or outright stealing is negligible. It would be a great reward to look forward to.

    In the meantime, perhaps your mother would allow you to borrow one of her Birkins while on a special mother/daughter shopping trip.
  12. I think an evelyne would be great for a student. Can be worn messenger style for ease of carrying books and other stuff. Also comes in great fun colors.
  13. nice action shots! you look great with your mom's birkins.

    I would suggest the herbag. It looks sort of like the kelly, but more understated, less expensive, and very casual chic!

  14. You look such a pretty lovely young lady! and the bag suits you so well

  15. Im 21 and i think just because we're young doesnt mean we cant rock a hot bag! i personally love the structured birkin shape