Having doubts about a purchase...

  1. My inclusion bracelet arrived today. It's gorgeous! However, I'm having doubts about keeping it, for some reason :hrmm: I feel like I wouldn't wear it enough, since I have my Chanel cuff and other jewelry that I normally wear. But on the other hand, I'm afraid that if I return it, I'll eventually want to buy it again and it will be discontinued or hard to find. When I ordered it, the girl I spoke to said there were only 3 beige bracelets left.

    Opinions? I'm wearing it now, I love the way it looks :shame: I'm kinda afraid I'll mess it up or something! :lol:

    Any advice would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. OK - so about a year and a half ago when the yellow/pink inclusions came out I wanted one badly. I toyed with the idea for months - and then summer came and I finally decided to get one. I went to the store and decided against it. When they were discontinued I was like "oh crap, there goes my chance!" and really regretted not buying one. When they were re-released in December this year in black and beige I didn't even second guess myself before buying!

    And about messing it up - I have tiny hands, so my inclusions sometimes fall off, especially when I'm cold - I've dropped my inclusions SO many times when flailing my arms around in conversation (yes, I'm a hand talker lol) - and they look fine :yes:
  3. If you feel this way NOW..Return it and use the $$$ for something else you will get more use out of...I have the bracelet in black and NEVER wear it..LOL I might sell mine...

    I have tiny hands, so my inclusions sometimes fall off, especially when I'm cold - I've dropped my inclusions SO many times when flailing my arms around in conversation (yes, I'm a hand talker lol) - and they look fine

    How little are your wrists that it falls off LOL!!!!!!!! I know you said you had surgery... did you lose THAT MUCH?????WOW:shocked:
  4. Decisions, decisions...no matter how much you like it, if you don't think that you will wear it then I would return it.
  5. I would return it, mostly because if you're having doubts now, you might have doubts later ! Plus that money could collect interest in the bank rather than sit in a drawer collecting dust.
  6. LL, my wrists are small, but my hands aren't, so at least it won't fall off :smile:

    Thanks for the advice guys. Right now I'm leaning toward keeping it, since I really do like it (I'm a huge fan of bangle bracelets). If for any reason down the road I find myself not wearing it, I can just sell it :smile: The more I think about it, the more this bracelet will look great as an accessory when I wear brown and earth-toned outfits, and it matches with the gold jewelry I wear. The Chanel cuff goes better with my black and bright-colored clothes, and also with the white gold and silver jewelry I have.

    Current status - keeping it :P (subject to change :lol: )
  7. I just bought the last inclusion bracelet at the LV near me, I love it and I'm really excited to wear it. If you're feeling like you're not going to wear it, return it and put some of that money towards that coach belt.
  8. lol Oh yeah! Totally forgot you wanted that COACH belt Cristina! Just put the money towards whichever you know youll get the most use out of!
  9. If you like way it looks You should just keep it. You could always resell it later.
  10. I agree with this. When they're all sold out people will want it more, and then you'll profit off of it if you still don't like it ;)

    Is it just that you like the chanel cuff better? If that's the case, then give it time. They're very different looking bracelets, different styles that go with different outfits and different bags. :yes:
  11. Well, I checked Mr. Bank Account this morning and he says I can afford the belt :shame: So I'm going to make a trip to the Coach store to check out all my options and see what size I would be :graucho: I'm definitely going for the brown belt. The bracelet would look good as an accessory, with the belt and the matching shoes :shame: :angel:
  12. Nah, it's not that I like the cuff better, since like you said, they're different styles. I love them both!

    *stares at cuff* :heart: The more I look at it, the more I like it :P
  13. Wooohooo!! You go girl!!!!:graucho: I love the inclusion bracelts-esp the beige.How 'bout a pic wearing it?? You got the pm right?
  14. Pictures coming soon :graucho: I got a french manicure yesterday, so my nails look nice! :smile: Yep, I got the PM size, it's very pretty.
  15. Well all the more reason to keep it! :yes: