Having computer trouble

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  1. :crybaby: I am having massive computer issues. Hopefully I'll get them resolved soon! Just a heads up as I haven't been on almost at all today :sad:
  2. I wondered why you had not weighed in on my new purchases. I value your opinion. Hope your computer is "feeling better" soon!!
  3. i hate having computer trouble, my msn always freezes and i have to restart it. :[
  4. I thought you were out doing something fab..
  5. aw, i hate when i have computer probs. hope things get fixed soon, swanky!
  6. Hurry back Amanda.:sad:
  7. :P

    It's all better now!

    I actually was doing something fab today, I was Christmas shopping for my 3 Angels!:heart: {children that is! LOL!}
    I had lunch @ NM and chatted w/ Shannon about some new bags coming. . . I am excited to see the new Luxe Tote:yes:

    I missed y'all though, it's HARD not being able to access e-mail or tPF!:cry:
  8. I'm glad your computer troubles are fixed. I hate it when that happens. I go into serious tPF withdrawal!
  9. :nuts: Luxe tote? :nuts:

  10. There's a new NM book and the tote is in it, it's awesome! I actually prefer it over last season's:yes:
    I'll scan it soon!
  11. Welcome back on-line.
  12. Scan please Swanky-- can't wait to see!!!!!!
  13. Lmao
  14. LMK the next time you have computer problems. I fix them on the side.
  15. That's Right!!! I was hitting up poor Vlad w/ my sob stories about it ALL DAY!

    I need to get your e-maiL addy I guess!
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