having "cold hands".... emailing exboss/es... wish me luck...

  1. i've been so afraid to reach out to some exbosses (that i haven't kept in touch with) to see if they would put me in touch with people who might be interested in hiring someone with my back ground.... :sweatdrop:

    alot of it is the pain and fear of yet another rejection... (lots of it in the last 9months)

    the "no i don't feel comfortable introducing you", the non-response possibilities.... both of which would make me feel MORE crappy....:confused1:

    i'm finally , right now, going to email an ex boss. who's my best shot. i don't know if he'll even respond to me. he didn't respond to my last email which was months ago. and if anyone can help me, he can. :rolleyes:

    very nervous, hence the cold hands....

    wish me luck !
  2. Good luck, hope it all works out for you! :tup:
  3. Good luck!!!
  4. GOODLUCk, bubbles! sending positive vibes your way and keep us posted! ;)
  5. thanks gals.... still drafting the email... super nervous... huge knot in my stomach... i felt sick ... URGH
  6. Good luck!!! The second one does the trick right.
  7. Bubbles!!! :tup:GOODLUCK!!!! :okay:positive vibes going your way~~~~
  8. I'm a total wreck here. almost going to cry... :crybaby:

    everytime i have to get in touch with a certain group of ex bosses, i have this huge pang of regret and what could have been etc etc.

    I wonder how much of it is the fact that they hate me/want nothing to do with me vs that it's not personal and they're just busy... i'm so sad/afraid that they hate me and have this incorrect impression of me...

    (i didn't do anything wrong while working with them, I just stood up for myself too much while i was still a minion. as a result i stepped on alot of toes and got myself into the political bad books of enough high powered ppl who never fail to make my life miserable whenever they can. political ppl said things about me to other senior ppl. and i can't clear it up because i don't know what they said to whom.:shrugs:)

    i just sent off the email... *fingers crossed*

    feel so depressed, in a way also preparing myself for the possibility that he wouldn't reply... ARGH
    Sigh... :s

    Wil keep you gals updated...

    thanks for the good wishes and positive vibes... can you tell i so need them???:yes:
  9. don't be depressed bubbles!! things will eventually work out one way or another. I wish you lots of luck!! I'll be thinking of you.
  10. I don't think they hate you!! No WAY!!! And it's good that you stood up for yourself that's an admirable quality!! I, on the other hand, let everyone walk all over me so that I won't cause trouble or problems or to avoid conflict, I HATE that about myself!!! You'll get your dream job!
  11. GOOD LUCK!!! I really hope your exboss gets back to you!
  12. Aw dont be depressed babe! Good luck. I am sending good vibes to you :push: (i know its a 'doh' sign but it looks like me concerntrating the vibes!) xx
  13. Good luck! Let us know how it all goes!
  14. Good luck, keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  15. lots of hugs coming your way bubbles:heart:...after all you`ve been thrugh in recent months you deserve a lot of lucky karma now ! :wlae: